Hopefully the plaintiffs appeal.

No, the judge is totally correct. And the judge’s ruling is very much in line with basically every other ruling against pseudo-Christians who want to hate on LGBTQ folk in their businesses.

Trying to deny people services because of your “religious beliefs” is a pile of hogwash. They’re simply cloaking their hate in religious language and hoping that they can hide behind it.

If I were a so-called “Christian” business (which is one of the dumbest terms to come out of the religious right in the past few decades, but that’s another rant), I’d be thanking God for every customer that He (because God is always a capital H “He” for the Christian gay haters) sent to my business, and not trying to trump up ridiculous religious reasons to legally turn customers away.

Fie on them. Folks like these calligraphers are the bozos who make Christianity look like nothing but a hate- and judgment-fest that has nothing to do with the Gospel of Jesus. And it drives me into a rage every time some pseudo-Christian offers hate to their neighbor, instead of love, like Jesus told us to do.