What happened when I went for a run in my I’M WITH HER shirt after the election
Elizabeth Licorish

So sad. No decent person harasses another for political views, or because of gender, or for whatever reason. I fear for this country, too — Trump has totally opened up the Pandora’s box of hate speech, ridicule, misogyny, and violence, and normalized all of it. I fear for women, I fear for our LGTQ+ neighbors, minorities, and so many others… they already had a rough life here, even with the strides taken, and I don’t see any way in which the next four years (and perhaps for another generation) that their personal safety won’t be at more and more risk.

Makes me ashamed to think a quarter of our country voted for indecency and incivility, and half the country couldn’t be bothered to vote against it at all. And now as we see the failures that Trump is gathering in his administration, I grow even more pessimistic about how life will be for our non-white-male conservative Christian neighbors.