2019 Earth Pig: a Vigilant Forager

Revealing Fate
Feb 5 · 13 min read
This New Year’s Pig is not your typical swine

(Explore a real customer’s astrological reading for 2019 below)

On the 5th of February our Chinese new year of Earth Pig arrives — ushering in a unique and somewhat rare setup for the year to come. An Earth Pig is a much less conspicuous or intense animal than its counterparts (i.e. Water Pig, Wood Pig, etc.). Nevertheless, this new year is one that keeps its own energies in check, but not without experiencing definite extremes and inconsistencies along the way — especially during certain times of this year, like the shift from winter to spring for example.

Manifestations for 2019 include:

(a) Foundation and Resources

  • This applies to the general makeup of this year as 己亥 Ji-Hai within the 60-year Cycle, accounting for the overall tendencies among individuals (Four Pillars) interacting within our immediate environment (Feng Shui).
  • More broadly, 2019 is a year that can build and provide for many situations.

(b) Space and Movement

  • Earth is the master canvas Phase of the Wu Xing. It is an element associated with the center direction, representing an area. Without the presence of adequate Earth, things move around and shift unpredictably.
  • Water is the master facilitator Phase. It is an element associated with the northern cardinal direction, representing momentum. Without the presence of adequate Water, things don’t move, change, or animate as they should.

(c) Entrapment and Exhaustion

  • Many of us who should avoid both Earth and Water are positioned to experience very challenging circumstances 😖 where (1) any extra depth or dimension added to their lives just weighs them down and (2) more fluidity or change in life leaves them feeling ungrounded, confused, or lost.
  • Furthermore, the Earthly Branch of this year’s Zodiac animal contains Yang Water and Yin Wood simultaneously, so those of us who are especially sensitive or susceptible to Wood energy should take certain precautions to avoid getting caught up or entangled in sticky matters.

(d) Platform and Nourishment

  • On the flip side, there are those of us who benefit A LOT from so much Earth and Water 🌏💧where (1) any extra depth or dimension accessed this year improves their lives and (2) changes made this year leaves them feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, or restored.
  • Furthermore, because the Yin Wood found in this year’s Earthly Branch represents new growth which may take place upon the earthy platform (a condition made possible by the nourishing Water energy present within every Pig year), those of us who benefit from Wood energy can be especially pleased to learn how the the collecting, categorizing, and observant nature of this phase adds a boost to what can be harvested from our endeavors. It is this added layer of calculation enhancement that can yield better outcomes from financial pursuits for those of us with Metal signs, for example. In general, wherever Wood is supported by Water, some of us experience our “aim” improving.

(e) Support and Prostration

  • Earth signs in general can expect a continuation of last year’s confidence-building capability and self-work potential. 2018 was a “double-dog” year — it contained both a Yang Earth Stem and Branch! 🐶🐕

    (So the Yang Earth Signs needing to “fill in their own shoes” likely take notice of this opportunity enveloping around them. However, this year we have Yin Earth as the Heavenly Stem. In other words, we could say the soft, fertile soil of an untouched valley has slightly different properties than that of the tall, stern, and sometimes intimidating mountain faces of Yang Earth. Nevertheless, Earth is Earth. This means that if you happen to be an Earth sign who benefits from a “taller roost,” this year has yet another place for you to continue working on yourself and building or repairing the parts of you that demand attention — despite whatever confrontation may be in store).

(f) Competing forces of Establishment and Dissolution

  • To reiterate once more, the 2019 Earth Pig is a year that keeps itself in check; Earth invades Water, where it can. And it will. An Earth Pig is more incognito than its “super pig” counterpart (the Water Pig years), and will definitely showcase its shifting moments in the passing months — and many may seem totally unforeseen and take many by shock and awe. These shifts often happen fast and often stabilize just as fast as they’d suddenly appeared, especially as the seasons change (i.e. from winter to spring, from summer to fall, etc.). This is to say, be ready in 2019 for some motion.

If life is like a game of poker, not understanding your own Four Pillars Astrology is like being blind to the cards you’re dealt

己亥 Ji-Hai: a congregation of fertile Yin Earth, flowing Yang Water, and striving Yang Wood

So why does 2019 have so many different potential experiences then? Why does there seem to be a duality here? The short answer is “because there is.” Whatever situation you’re likely to experience depends specifically on your chart, but the earthly energies are the same for everyone who lies on this planet.

(And no matter what manifestations of Earth and Water you’re poised to receive for 2019, these many different possibilities all share the same meaningful caveat, the same energetic signature, the same metaphysical significance).

Let’s dive in:

己壬甲 Ji-Ren-Jia; Earth, Water, and Wood

This year is one filled to the brim with the very essence of our planet — good old soil and H₂O. These two elements are the absolute most basic, raw materials needed for life and any kind of activity. Everything (and everyone) needs a space to do things and a medium to keep things animated and active. This is to say that a mountain without its stream becomes dry, barren, and treacherous; the water without its flowing descent becomes stagnant and noxious, without bearing.

The Earthly Branches also align to Wood this year. So, this means that (materially) 2019 will offer many of us the building blocks to arrange ourselves into order and erect a structure or routine that continues to grow with time — yet it will become a menacing knot of entanglements for those who would receive this as a major impediment or obstacle along their own path. Another way of putting it is to say that in 2019 Earth energy provides the settlement; Water goes to work; and Wood accumulates resources to exploit this “real estate.” And as we’ve seen above, there’s a lot of different ways this can unfold!

When we familiarize ourselves with the Ten Year cycle (大運; the Mandate of Heaven) we begin to see how one’s personal astrological chart influences the quality of interaction they receive throughout the year. We understand that it is not the year we are born into but the month and day that speak the most about how individual lives are customized for the journey. Therefore, we must learn as much as we can about the significance of our unique Day and Month Pillars.

As with past Chinese New Years, we provide a glimpse into a current client’s chart to give you real-life examples of how to navigate this Earth Pig. “Sally” is a real customer, with her name changed to remain anonymous.

Let’s take a look and see what 2019 has in store for her:

🔥 Diving into a real customer’s 2019 chart 🔥

Sally was born on 1988 July 2nd at 2:15 AM

The Basics

Sally is a Yang Earth sign (Day Master), with the Horse as the Earthy Branch within her Day Pillar. This indicates the quality of relationships she has with her significant other or spouse (or the types of these relationships she attracts or finds herself crossing paths with). Since her perspective is that of Yang Earth, this horse (which is primarily Yin Fire) means the significant other(s) she attracts are nurturing types who are very charming, charismatic, and communicative. Her romantic interests tend to be givers and emotional supporters, however at times they conflict with Sally — especially regarding what Sally feels is her way of doing things or conducting herself, including her interests, alignments, and aspirations. Because 2019 contains the two exact elements which drain and extinguish Fire, this can mean the intensity with which suitors typically engage Sally may be less noticeable or just not there.

Her year is the Yang Earth Dragon. In fact, she’s a “double dragon.” The dragon zodiac is already Yang Earth, so a year with additional Yang Earth energy from the Earthly Branch reinforces the earthy qualities that the dragon already possesses. This means Sally really loves her own space or “roost.” She needs her own domain, her own territory — and it absolutely cannot be touched by anyone else. Sally is incredibly unyielding (or at other times stubborn), with a staunch sense of willpower rarely matched by anyone she comes into contact with. Just look at those three Heavenly Stems of 戊 Wu stacked next to one another! Talk about a mountain range…

Her month is the Yang Earth Horse. The same Earth resides here as in Sally’s Year and Day Pillars. So we can expect Sally to have a great deal of friends made through shared interests and perspectives on some deep, meaningful subjects she can relate. Sally is by no means a fake person; if you want to know how she really feels about things she can lay it all out and leave no stone unturned. If you can mange to get close, you will not be able to evade her depth of engagement. And chances are you’re a bit social and talkative (warm and friendly) yourself — Sally tends to attract these kinds of people to her.

Sally’s Time Pillar is the Yin Water Ox. Interaction with her future children will seem like work more than anything (in her eyes), but of a rewarding and steady nature. There is also a bit of confrontation, where stubbornness meets its rival and neither party wants to back down. This is also Sally’s general reception of interacting with younger generations.

2019 is the Yin Earth Pig — 己亥

Which overall scenario will Sally find herself experiencing?

So which one of the 6 manifestations for 2019 (outlined above) applies to Sally? What will be her overall poise for this Earth Pig year? The short answer is Sally will experience mostly support and prostration. This is because as the dust settles from all the energetic interaction among Yin Earth, Yang Water, and Yin Wood, Sally likely won’t receive 2019 as primarily beneficial or harmful. It can be both.

This is because although it’s an Earthy year, this kind of Earth competes for manifestations and form (the subtlety and softness of Yin Earth challenges Sally’s rocky Yang Earth perspective on all things relating to depth and substance). Many of us have loved ones that are close to us and relate to our perspectives yet couldn’t disagree more on how to conduct oneself from such a perspective — disagreeing on whether food should be salted before or after cooking, if the toilet paper goes over or under, or if it’s better to brush teeth before eating, etc. Thus, the duality of Yin and Yang can be so clearly illustrated here; where one element sees fields another sees mountains, where one sees embers another sees flames, etc. The elements may be similar, but the two forms compete for the same perspective.

Earth signs in general can expect a continuation of last year’s confidence-building capability and self-work potential. 2018 was a “double-dog” year — it contained both a Yang Earth Stem and Branch. So, those of us Yang Earth Signs needing to “fill in our own shoes” likely took notice of this opportunity presenting itself. However, this year we have Yin Earth as the Heavenly Stem. In other words we could say the soft, fertile soil of an untouched valley has slightly different properties than that of the tall, stern, (and sometimes intimidating) mountain faces of Yang Earth. Nevertheless, Earth is Earth. This means that if you happen to be an Earth sign who benefits from a “taller roost” then this year has yet another place for you to continue working on yourself and building or repairing the parts of you that demand attention — despite whatever confrontations may be in store for you.

Special Circumstances

Sally has a few rare things happening in her chart that absolutely must also be mentioned:

Sally’s Net Transformative Tendencies of the Five Phases

(1) an Atypical confiding setup of the Net Transformative Tendencies of the Five Phases — needing to increase Earth and Fire so that Stars of Assistance (of the Ten Gods) is maximized. This is like saying Sally has “big shoes to fill” in this lifetime, where energetic investment needs to go big or go home; there’s no balancing or equalizing needed here (in fact just the opposite). Most of us need to harmonize all Five Phases to achieve equilibrium but not Sally!

(2) 午刑午 Proxy Horses 🐴🐎 (a kind of Self-conflict)

  • People with this are eager to win, competitive and aggressive. They don’t like it when others use speech to provoke them or rouse them in conversation, and they have extreme personalities. They’re also typically impatient and forgetful.

(3) 丑午害 Chou-Wu (one of the 6 Harms of the Earthly Branches)

  • People with this setup fall short on patience, become easily roused (i.e. take offense, get upset, etc.), and embody the appearance of unity while being divided at heart (an old Chinese idiom).
  • This specific harm affects Sally’s chart by making it likely for long-term separation to occur as a theme in her relationships. It outlines how easy it is for Sally to change her mind or go back on her word, and how she typically congregates with few people while distancing herself from many. Sally is strongly inclined to “share the same bed with different dreams” (a Chinese idiom describing martial dissension where two partners do not aspire for the same things), and when she expects to receive the fruits of her labor it often comes but is lacking or insufficient. This means many of her investments do not yield what she expects or hopes for.

Sally’s auspiciousness in 2019

Lifetime Horoscope

Sally is within her 4th year of her 3rd Ten-Year Cycle, 乙卯 Yi Mao (see above). The ethereal energies of this decade are both Yin Wood. Also, the Earth Pig year brings with it the competing Yin Earth energy and Water (which feeds Wood, further strengthening its influence). Furthermore, this year the Earthly Branches align to Wood, creating even more of a boost to this Phase. Because Sally needs to avoid Wood due to her Net Transformative Tendencies of the Five Phases (see above), these present a challenge. It means that until the end of 2025, she will need to pay extra attention to the people and situations in her life that try to restrict, discipline, or control her. This can be intentional or otherwise, but regardless of intentions she will definitely take notice.

What Sally can do is to try to transform this Wood energy into Fire (which is beneficial to her unique astrological chart); in other words, Sally can attempt to take people and situations that “invade” her path and process these challenging situations. If she encounters a coworker during this period who always tries to micromanage Sally’s duties (be a “backseat driver”) or over-complicates matters for her, Sally can use this to her advantage — but this requires some skill and intuition. For example, instead of merely yielding to the demands and impositions of such a coworker (like putting her head down and biting her lip, only for her true feelings to fester while she may feel trapped and frustrated) Sally can instead react by outwardly communicating her stance and disagreements. She can call for group engagement and input when reacting to her coworker’s criticisms and conduct, involving more people with the matter.

This is to say, Sally can immediately defend her stance by inviting the coworker to compromise with her through analysis and a process — to include more people than just herself and the bossy, controlling coworker. She could say something like “hey coworker, when you constantly tell me that I’m not making photocopies the right way when I’m doing it the right way for how I operate…I feel as though you’re imposing and I would like to hear what it is you find I’m not addressing…and perhaps we can learn something about each-other to work in a more productive and mutually beneficial manner” (or something like this).

This kind of scenario could be one of many circumstantial solutions where Fire’s processing power comes to the rescue from Wood’s relentlessness, in a variety of situations all where Wood directly challenges Sally. She could transform her challenging coworker’s pestering, picky, and intimidating disposition directed at her into a platform of noticeable support for herself and from encouraging peers— without feeling like she’s sacrificed anything. Another noteworthy observation here is that if such a hypothetical situation were to occur during this Ten-Year Cycle, where her coworker were to become angry, it’s easy to see how an understanding of emotions as they relate to the Five Phases can transform negative anger into positive joy. Perhaps many of us have remembered ourselves in situations where anger became so serious and heightened that the slightest bit of humor to reach a mind determined to constrict feelings and stay angry can no longer contain itself and burst into laughter, instantly melting away much of the original mood. These are the Five Phases at work!

And with this beefy (or should we say “porky”) glimpse into the New Year, together we explore what’s to come. We’re equipped to invite auspicious energies, so be informed and use what you have to your advantage. We wish everyone only the very best for 2019.

新年快樂,恭喜發財 ❤🙏

See you soon
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