New York, USA — May 12, 2020

Reveel Technology Inc. announces a new project management platform for creatives, designed to facilitate administrative tasks in the age of remote collaboration.

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With billions of dollars in unclaimed royalties due to incorrect metadata, Reveel offers artists a tool that helps manage the business side of virtual collaborations by automating the capture of creator credits.

Even before 2020, it was already clear that remote collaboration had become the new normal when making music. Just look around — dutch producers making beats for US rappers, jazz collaborations recorded in different timezones — creativity is unbound by borders. …

In the United States, collecting royalties from your music is even more complex than in other countries. According to a study by Berklee School of Music, between 20% and 50% of music payments do not make it to the rightful owners of the music — that represents billions of dollars that artists aren’t getting.

So there is a lot of money being left on the table! As an artist, it is crucial to understand how royalties work, how they are generated and how to collect them. This is why we’re breaking it down for you in our new e-book:

5 Easy Steps to Collect All of Your Royalties.

Newsletter February 2020

It’s here… Reveel has launched the first phase of its Beta!

For this private phase of the Beta, we put together an involved community of top tier producers to gain product insights directly from the most demanding and professional users.

Collectively, this group of producers has racked in 11 GRAMMY wins and more than 50 nominations! Their credits include collaborations with artists such as Alicia Keys, Nipsey Hussle, Snoop Dogg, MGMT, or Earth Wind & Fire.

These power users are helping us improve both design and functionalities, daily, ensuring that Reveel fits their workflow and prioritizing the features that will bring the platform to the next stage. …

Newsletter November 2019

Introduction of the new face, new name and now future of our company, Reveel.

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During the past months, we have tested the Alpha in a series of studio sessions and we gathered users’ feedback both on the product and brand. While the product received great feedback (more on that later), the name was not sticking. We realized that certain changes were necessary to make an impact.

As part of our rebranding strategy, our start-up name has changed from Mediarite to Reveel Technology Inc.

This name change aims to emphasize our mission to empower the music community by showcasing the creators that help make the music.


Reveel captures verified music metadata instantaneously throughout the creative process. Our platform ensures that artists are credited, discover and paid.

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