Create first, everything else is secondary

In a rush to get past the start line we can forget what really matters.

There will be obstacles and things to distract you from doing what you set out to do.

For me when I ended The Radical Introvert Project, I knew I still wanted to write but I also knew deciding on a name and designing a blog would hold me up. I can be a wee bit of a perfectionist. Hours and hours would be spent on making it just right. And the actual creation, you know the whole writing part would take a back seat.

Which is why I chose to avoid all of that and worry about the writing part for now, the rest can come later.

If you’re creating anything, do yourself a favour and ask yourself if what you’re doing is the actual creation part.

If you’re building a business, yet all your time is spent on creating the most beautiful website. You’re missing the point.

If you’re writing a book, but spend more time designing the cover, you’re missing the point.

Create first, everything else is secondary.

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