The case for EVERYDAY

Confession: I haven’t posted a blog in two days. Yes this is unfortunately true, in spite of the fact that the whole reason I started writing these blogs was to write everyday, because there’s no better way to get better at writing.

So why am I ignoring my advice? (Spoiler alert: because habits are HARD)

Before starting the challenge I used to think that blogging everyday was crazy. I used to do it weekly and it seemed challenging to keep up. I thought I’d run out of things to write about and that the quality of my writing would suffer if I wrote everyday.

Well 52 days in I can tell you that those thoughts are now irrelevant. I’ve created 49 blog posts in those 51 days. Some are shorter than others and some stand out as ones I’m more proud of. It’s been a great project to essentially prove myself wrong. Or at least prove that we really do choose what limits we do and don’t place on ourselves.

Some days are more challenging than others, particularly this past week. But even I can’t argue with the real results. I’ve wrote more than I have in a LONG time and I’ve never done something this consistently for this long. I usually fall off the wagon after a week.

Writing everyday is really the best thing I could ever do to improve my writing and I don’t believe posting everyday makes my writing suffer. Every post is practice.

I also now realize the more often we get into that creative mindset the more our creativity and curiosity grows and becomes more of a default setting to us. I find myself coming up with more things to write about than I did when I first started. Whereas before when I only had to write a post once a week, I found myself the night before scratching my head about what to write about.

When we do it everyday, it becomes second nature, like brushing our teeth, well almost. And soon enough we can’t imagine a day going by without it.

So you’re probably wondering, why I’ve ignored my advice for the past two days. Well in 100% transparency I left writing to the last minute, like 11:30 p.m. last minute (and for me it had to be done by 12 to count!) and at that point it was very easy to pick bed over writing. My willpower was nonexistent and I told myself I’d make up for it tomorrow and then I didn’t blog again and told myself I’d make up for it today.

It was even easier to say no to writing yesterday because I had said no the day before and it started to become acceptable to not write.

This is why picking a habit and choosing to do it everyday is IMPORTANT, especially if it’s one that’s really important to you and one you want to grow overtime. Because as easy as it is to get into the habit, it’s even easier to begin opting out of it. The more we opt out of it, the less guilty we feel about not doing it and before we know it, it’s been 6 months since we last wrote anything. It’s that whole out of sight out of mind thing or use it or lose it principal.

So what’s my plan for the next 48 days? Write EVERYDAY. And after that? To continue to write everyday.

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