“[data] is NEVER LIMITED and it is ALWAYS BEING GENERATED to the point it is INFINITE” — so do you…

That question: “Do you have data at Baranggay Level?”; is killing my ass off. Let me remind you, that data has already been generated but not recorded. As you’re trying to disprove my “philosophical statement” you yourself clearly don’t understand it. IT IS HECK AVAILABLE! YOU CAN COLLECT AND RECORD IT ANYWHERE AND ANYTIME YOU WANT IN THE PHILIPPINES. COME ON, IT’S A FREE COUNTRY — YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY WELCOME TO DO SO.

Moving on, that is a good point, the falsification of alleged claims are evident and true, BUT to the point to rename its reputation as “worst perfomance”, I disagree on that.

Let me tell you, you have points, but if you’ll open your mind and understand mine, I am telling you the importance of properly publicizing interpretations and conclusions. Posting an article is already like posting a research paper, a journal, or a thesis. When it’s publicized, virtually EVERYONE believes it. Go on, tell the world your opinions, BUT DON’T EVER state them as if they’re already facts and proven hypotheses.

QE: trying to say data is not available in circumstances that we want is like a challenge to the scientific community. What you just said again is another fallacy, because it is a universal truth that data may not be available for now, but as the progressing and developing technology advances, in lay-man’s term, “As time passes by…” there are certain degrees that it is able to be recorded. Quick example you want? The newly enunciated The Theory of Relativity. People we’re unable to record the strings of time because, how far can we go, observe and tell each other what is happening? It is still virtually impossible until we used the DATA given off by atoms. How so? By the use of today’s technology and the minds of scientific community, let’s put it as simple as that.

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