“And of course I’ll go back to my philosophical stance since it is already my principle as an…

You took time to comprehend my respond, I’ll give you cheers to that. This would be my last statement though, because I could be (more) productive in doing the house than opening the eyes of a person so full of his own self. And by the way, it is worth my time to try to make you rethink your principles but it is very taxing for me to continue to do so.

You’re missing out something. I have told you the “cause” of this from the start. Let me quote myself “For the sake of research and statistics…”. Another thing, I told you that doing things improperly may lead to complexities, basically errors and misunderstandings.

Let’s do it in your way, I never said your article is pushing for ‘worst’, but the way you presented your article, “doing worse than these cities” is making me interpret that “Oh boy! Davao is a bad city ain’t it? Compared to the major cities of the Philippines~ it has greater index of crime and rapes, low ratings in terms of healthcare and economy, heck it, it’s doing a very bad performance rating as this article says…” and so. (Let me remind you that that was purely opinionated.)

Finally to conclude this session, it was truly lovely and challenging ‘love’, I am resorting to the anonymous quotes, and I quote: “You can never change the mind of a person who already made up his own mind.”, “Reasoning out with irrational people is the same as reasoning out why they’re reasoning out. To them it will mean irrational and unreasonable, since they themselves are irrational and unreasonable, and making them understand it is the same as reasoning them out.”

Sincerely. Fare well, I hope.

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