My name is Clay Vaughan, and I started Reverent Wedding Films back in 2008. We’ve grown a lot over the years but that doesn’t change the fact that we cherish every single one of our clients as if they were our very first. Our teams of cinematographers and editors are dedicated to providing excellent work at an affordable cost without sacrificing our integrity or creativity.


Designed for couples who want to just have a highlight of their day and aren’t wanting to document it in full but still want a keepsake to remember the important moments. Sharing & remembering your favorite day with friends and family is now beautifully represented with this collection.

- Starting at $1500

- 6 hours of Filming

- 1 Lead Filmer

- 3–4 min Highlight film

- Digital Delivery and more


If you are looking to have your day captured and you don’t want all the bells and whistles, this is the collection for you. You will get the highlight film that you see online as well as full documentation of your ceremony and toasts. This means you’ll get two videos from us.

- Starting at $2200

- 7 hours of Filming & 2 Filmers

- 4–5 min Highlight Film

- Documentation Film

- Aerial Cinematography and more


This is for the bride who wants every special moment of her day captured. With this timeframe, we typically will be able to start filming from the moment you begin makeup and we’ll be there until your grand exit!

- Starting at $3000

- 9 hours of Filming & 2 Filmers

- 1 min Teaser Trailer

- 5–6 min Highlight Film

- Documentation Film

- Aerial Cinematography and more


This is our favorite package because it allows us to produce the most beautiful work for you. This allow us to tell your love story in the most beautiful way.

- Starting at $5200

- All Day Filming & 2 Lead Filmers

- 1 min Teaser Trailer (same day)

- 6–7 min Highlight Film

- Aerial Cinematography

- Timeline and Vendor Liaison

- VIP+ Client and more

Visit us at https://www.wedding.film/

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