I fucking hate it when men on Medium question my professional credentials.
Mirah Curzer

Yep. It’s a nice red herring to undermine a woman’s ability to piece together a logical argument whether you’re an attorney or not. It’s like the kid who has run out of smart-ass remarks and resorts to to talking about your mama because it’s a surefire tactic to elicit an emotional response. When my brother and I were kids, its the only way I could kick his ass because I would talk shit to him and get him in an emotional frenzy to the point where he would forget that he had outgrown me years before and could easily kick my ass despite our 5 1/2 year age difference. If these little boys are resorting to these tactics, I encourage you to remember it’s only because you have some sort of power,(real or imagined), that threatens their sense of security. It’s the same psychology that kept the outdated institution of slavery alive long after its profitability had expired.