I Had One Boyfriend, and I Broke His Heart: Sex, Youth, and the Limits of Love
Hugo Schwyzer

Hi Hugo,

I stumbled across your writing during, well, class and I almost got in trouble because I couldn’t stop reading. Your writing feels like reading a novel.

And thanks for this story — as a bisexual woman, I’ve struggled with a similar issue myself. I definitely feel sexually aroused with women but I don’t feel that romantic attraction. Funny thing — I don’t necessarily get sexually aroused over guys. I’ve wondered if I was a lesbian once. It’s kind of a conflict of interest, really. Hmm. It could do with the fact that I’ve lived under Christian indoctrination for a great period of my life and I’m just programmed to be emotionally attracted to guys, maybe. I don’t even know. But thanks, I don’t feel completely strange anymore.

Would love to continue reading more from you! :)

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