Photo 1

The issue we will be tackling is on social conformity, that being different is not something to be ashamed of, and how some people that cannot deal with this fact will build insecurity within themselves.

This particular picture I have chosen shows a man, standing on the busy streets of modern day New York, wearing a reflective mask that covers his entire face.

Looking at the technical aspect, this picture has been edited to blur out the background and his face is clearly in focus. I believe it was done on purpose to draw more attention to the finer details on his face.

Drawing it back to our topic, it can seem to represent that this man does not actually have his own individual identity. That he shows people a side of what they want to see, and not himself, hence the mirrored mask. It sends a strong message across that individuals should not act based on what others want to see. This is in line with the goal of our project, that people should be more confident of themselves, that everybody is unique in his/her own way and no one should bow down to society’s conformations and expectations.

Photo 2

This photo was taken back in the pre-Nazi Era of the 1900s. It shows a group of American children demonstrating the Nazi salute in class. However, America abolished it after the Nazi adopted it as their symbol. Hitler exerted an unyielding control over the German population back then, and everybody conformed under his iron hand.

This photo also demonstrates gestalt principles at play here, Common Fate. Every other children, including the teacher is saluting Hitler but the boy in the centre of the photo had his hands down by his side and looking back at the photographer. The contrast in direction, or rather lack of direction, creates tension and draw attention to the boy.

This brings into any concept we would like to draw to in our project, which is that of blind faith. This photo shows the extreme of this concept. In modern day context, influential bloggers, coupled with mass media advertisements continue to push trends into people’s minds that many blindly follow. We would like to address this issue and reiterate the importance of an individual identity.

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