How to Choose Best Electric Kettles In India

Electric kettle has become one of the basic appliances in any kitchen. Why…?

They provide instant boiling water within few minutes to prepare coffee or tea. This appliance is very helpful, especially in cold season — who doesn’t love to drink hot coffee or tea during chilly winters.

But how do you choose the right electric kettle? Below are the key considerations…

Capacity: Most of the electric kettles present in Indian market come in either 1 or 2-liter capacity. On an average, a large accommodates 250ml liquid. So, if you want 3 cups of boiling water, then 1-liter capacity is enough.

Boiling Fastness: This factors depends on the power consumption — higher the wattage, quicker you can get the results. An electric kettle requires 1500 watts to provide 1-liter hot water in 3–4 minutes. But if you want 1.5 to 2-liter capacity electric kettle, then wattage should be more 1500 to get hot water quickly.

Some modern electric kettles come with other features as well like water level indicators, temperature settings and others. You can read information about these factors in our Electric Kettle Buying Guide.

If you have always wished for an electric kettle that can offer you with effective performance along with being a treat to your eyes, then this Bajaj majesty kettle is meant for you. it offers the perfect balance between the required features for effective performance and attractive looks to win hearts.

Talking about its distinguishing benefit, it offers a temperature control knob to its users. By making the use of this knob, the users can adjust the temperature of the kettle according to the function for which it is used. The use of this temperature control knob is really simple and thus can be accessed by anyone.

It has been designed while keeping the needs of the Indian users in mind. It is given a sufficient cord length and wide opening mouth along with the support of the user-friendly interface. It requires the consumption of 1500W of power to offer its most amazing benefits to the users.

It comes with a capacity of 1.7L and is designed to perform a single operation. It is also open for cordless operations and offers 2-years of warranty to the users. The availability of neon indicator helps in avoiding the possibility of any accidents by providing the desired information at the right time.

Thanks to all its benefits, it is one of the most preferred electric kettles in India. However, the only thing that you should take care of is its sensitive on and off button.


  • Designed for a single operation



The most crucial factor to consider while buying an electric kettle is to check the material used. As electric kettle consumes a large amount of electricity, thus it is necessary for you to buy a kettle made up of superior quality material.

Check for the body material and see whether it is spill-proof or not. Nextly, check for the heating. The exterior body shouldn’t feel heated while you touch. It should be sturdy and thick enough to run for a long time.

Electric kettles having a plastic base tends to heat the base. Thus, you should avoid any thin base as it will not run for a more extended period. Always opt for a heat resistant material.


Another essential factor to consider while buying an electric kettle is to check whether it produces sound while on use. I suggest you opt for a kettle that makes no such noise or has a silent feature.

Afterall you don’t want to end up with an electric kettle that makes noise.


While you opt for an electric kettle, you must keep in mind the size factor. You need to think of the number of family members you have in your house and how frequently you use the kettle.

If you prefer a hot beverage, then you should opt for a kettle with a bigger storage capacity. However, you need to be careful about the capacity as well as the size. It should be balanced.


Most of the time, customers don’t pay attention to the warranty period that comes with the product. However, I feel it is one such essential factor to keep in mind.

Having a reliable and competent warranty period will protect the product if it has any defects. You can go for a replacement or a repair service any day within the given warranty period.


Keep in mind that electric kettles are meant for travelling. They are mostly light in weight and are portable. But, if you opt for a kettle with heavy-weight, it won’t serve the real purpose.

You should always opt for an electric kettle that is moderate or light in weight. Even if the kettle is filled, it should feel like a tolerable weight. Increasing the weight of the kettle filled with water will make it difficult for you to carry.


One of the critical factors to consider about an electric kettle is to check for the heat resistant capacity of the kettle. The body shouldn’t get heated up, and you should not feel the heat while you touch the exterior of the kettle.

Having a kettle with a sturdy body that insulates heat from the inside is a must. It can prevent you from burning or any other such accidents.


Last but not least is to consider the boiling accuracy. A kitchen appliance, which has low boiling accuracy, will cost you high electricity.

You must look for features as well as reviews to know more about the boiling accuracy of an electric kettle.


You should check for the new models as they come with temperature setting option. This will let you choose the correct temperature for the liquid poured into the kettle.


Another factor to consider while purchasing an electric kettle is to check the boiling speed. As we all want to save energy as well as time, a boiling speed that is fast will do the same for us.

You can go through the product description to check the boiling speed of the electric kettles. I recommend you to go for boiling time less than 5 minutes.


Apart from all these factors mentioned above, there are some additional features to look for as well:

a) Keep Warm

To keep your liquid warm even after the boiling process is done, the keep warm function can come handy. You can save the extra time while reheating the water or the liquid. It acts as a makeshift thermos flask.

b) Timer

A timer is a fantastic feature to have in an electric kettle. It can come handy in regulating how quick you want to boil the water or how warm you want to make it.

If you are in a hurry, you can put a timer according to your needs and you are done.

c) Lighting Feature

Lighting feature can be fancy and expensive as well in an electric kettle. You can change the colour of the temperature settings.

For example, you can keep a violet colour for cold temperature, blue for warm water, etc. It enables you to indicate different temperature settings.

d) Filter

Kettles need no filter. However, with a filter, it becomes even easier to filter the tea or coffee at a go. You don’t need to shift the water to another container as with the filter it will become easy for you to serve the said tea.

You will have the exact flavour of the tea if it is served directly from the kettle.


To make your life a lot easier and more straightforward, you should opt for an electric kettle wisely. The best electric kettle will allow you to do several tasks while saving the cooking time.

An electric kettle takes care of even the little things starting from morning tea to late night cravings for Maggi.

The kettle is amazingly designed and easy to carry. If you are living away from your house, you must have an electric kettle. Here are the advantages of an electric kettle:


In your kitchen, the simplest appliance that you will ever find is an electric kettle. It is a tiny yet handy appliance to do all your essential kitchen tasks.

All you need is to fill up the kettle with water and turn the device on. That’s it! You are done.


People, who look for precision in every single thing like tea lovers, always look for a perfect cup of tea that needs details and precision. An electric kettle is designed to provide you with the ideal thing following a specific recipe.


An electric kettle is both energy as well as time efficient. This is due to the fact of quick boiling of water that too within a few minutes.

Since it is crucial to saving both energy and time, you must buy an electric kettle for yourself.


In case you forget to turn off the kettle, the automatic shut down option will power off the device prevent any accidents.


You need to maintain a certain set of precautions while cleaning an electric kettle. The cleaning methods should not cause the power cords getting tampered or dampened with water.

These are a few ways by which you can clean and maintain your electric kettle. All these methods are widely used for electric kettle cleaning.

1. Pour a mixture of water and vinegar into the kettle. It should be in a quantity of half.

2. Now boil the mixture and let it sit down until it cools for about 30 minutes.

3. Unplug the kettle and take off the mixture. Rinse the kettle interior with normal or cool water.

4. Now fill the kettle with drinking water and place it for more boiling. Keep it for 20 minutes or so. Rinse again with normal or cold water.

5. Take a dry clean cloth to clean the internal as well as the bottom of the kettle. Then you are ready to use it again.

6. You can also do the same with lemon water instead of vinegar. Baking soda is also a great option.

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