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Com and how’s it going everyone? for those of you who were first time on my channel I own a 2013 KTM Duke 390 and I’ve reviewed motorcycles like the Suzuki Hayabusa and the BMW S1000RR on this channel but today I feel a special sort of excitement because today we’re going to ride the Bajaj Dominator and this motorcycle begins a new era for indian performance biking and more importantly fills a nice gap which existed in the market for a very long time.

This review is done in collaboration with The Highway man who has done the city riding and also some bad words testing, he rides a suzuki hayabusa and motovlogs, his channel link is in the description, so do check him out and now back to the review.

Last year I was riding the Avenger on the same highway and though I was very impressed by that motorcycle I wanted Bajaj to come up with something bigger and they seem to have delivered just that in a year’s time.

If you’ve watched other reviews of the Bajaj Dominar you may have heard of the term power cruiser.

When you think of a cruiser you think about ample torque, a lower seat height along with the lower center of gravity and longer wheelbase.

When you think about a naked bike, you think about power, handling, great breaking and a 50–50 sort of weight distribution.

Combine the characteristic of both and you get something called a power cruiser.

When a sport bike manufacturer like Ducati wanted to create a cruiser they ended up creating the Diavel.

In my review I will mostly focus on whether this motorcycle can live up to the Power cruiser tag or not? The motorcycle has a very upright, almost cruiser like sitting position but the handlebars are not raised like a traditional cruiser, they are street style handlebars which means they make the motorcycle very easy to flick through lanes at high speed and provide a lot of feedback and feel.

I really love these handlebars they’re not too raised and nither too low and the width of the handlebar is also perfect, according to me definitely a lot better than raised clip-on handlebars that Bajaj used to have on the Pulsar AS200 and the RS200 it also has a lot of free space on the bars so you can mount GPS and a phone mount and still have room for mounting an action camera like I’ve done on the left of the dominanr 400 but those of you were wondering yes this is a SJ6 legend costs around 10,000 rupees and it is a proper motovlog camera with external mic support so if any of you budding motovloggers are watching this video you can check out the camera, link is in the description.

Anyways before I digress any further let’s get back to the review.

The saddle on the Dominar is wide and though it’s a soft and comfortable saddle it’s not like the plush sofa type that causes back pain in long tours this one is firm enough so that you don’t sink into the seat there’s a lot of room to move around in the saddle and also if you want to ride aggressively you have the option to crouch in very easily even the pillion seat is wide and comfortable so 2UP touring, is not going to be a problem.

Footpegs are somewhat balanced they’re not sporty they’re not like completely forward like a cruiser so it’s easy to ride it aggressively but when you want to relax you can simply put up your legs.

what makes it will be in a position that gives you hours and hours of comfortable riding on the highway before I bore you more about the ergonomics let’s just get right into the performance.

I’ve been listening to your voice on facebook and there’s been a lot of talk about this being a slow bike this basically is from the notion that it’s 10 bhp lesser than the peak power of the KTM Duke 390 and it’s also significantly heavier.

Of course the power to weight ratio doesn’t seem like in the Dominar’s favor but then again take a look at the power to weight ratio of the Ninja 300 and suddenly doesn’t look so bad now was it to the power that this motorcycle is delivering is in the low and mid-range and that makes up for the loss in the top end remember as a power cruiser i’m expecting riding at around 120 km/h and at that speed in the sixth gear the engine feels just so relaxed and stress-free also no spec sheet can explain how smoothly the power comes on and how the power builds up as you twist the throttle in a very predictable and linear pattern whereas the Duke has a sudden explosion of power after 5500 RPM the dominar doesn’t surprise you anywhere in the rev range and though it takes the thrill away the Dominator is an easy bike to ride and I felt confident right from the first time I twisted the throttle and remember that the Pulsar AS150 and the RS200 both had a throttle response delay after twisting the throttle the power came in a tad late; and I was never really a fan of that.

Glad to see that they’re fixed on the Dominar.

Its instantaneous, I don’t want to exaggerate but the way this motorcycle produces a strong torque and builds the power progressively it kind of reminds me of the kawasaki z1000 now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that it is as powerful as the Z1000 but it definitely follows the same engine mapping and the same pattern of building power which is a great feat for Bajaj engineers I feel.

if you regularly ride on smooth highways you know that the touring speeds are usually around 80- 120 km/h depending upon the rider and the road conditions and the Dominar engine, in this rev range feels the best especially if you’re in the sixth gear.

this is the rev range around five and a half thousand rpm and it’s a living bike it doesn’t go all the way up to 10,000 or something like that it Peaks around nine forty-five thousand that’s the rev limit i think instead of going for the peak power at higher revs and pleasing the top speed fanatic crowd to have conversant thing which is more mature and usable and which will attract the serious bikers who do long-distance touring on the spike see if you’re having a hundred for pc bike most likely if it’s a budget 152 also does a hundred kilometers per hour and you can really pin the throttle in its fifth gear and it will do that but the way of doing 120 on this motorcycle in a very more relaxed way when your engines not screaming at the end of that range it’s relaxed its building power sweetly, you feel the torque you feel more confident, these things cannot be put into words until you experience the motorcycle.

That is (why) sometimes when people buy bigger bikes, like bigger displacement bikes and they’re riding the highway at around 120 km/h speed and you can say that I can do that on my much smaller motorcycle but trust me the feeling is not the same it would be very nice if Bajaj could give highway test drives instead of city test drives for this bike.

I generally don’t cover this segment but so many of your questions have come to me and I wish to address it in this segment.

Apart from the comfortable ergonomics the bike has a slipper clutch which is very light and easy to operate.

Imagine having to ride through bumper-to-bumper traffic and you won’t feel any pain on the left hand.

The six-speed gearbox is also very smooth and reminds me of Japanese bikes and it’s a very usable suspension setup the front suspension of the motorcycle is relatively hard to maintain composure of the bike while cornering or doing a fast flick on the highway but the rear is set up soft and it gobbles up the bumps.

On the way back we might encounter some bad patches on the highway and we can see how it performs there.

Another thing to the addition is a full LED headlights.

I was riding it in a dark alley right after the launch and the headlights provided an illumination level that have never seen on an Indian stock bike it’s amazing how they have managed to provide all of these features and added bits in this minimum price tag.

The bike also gets the 30-meter fuel tank capacity and expecting mileage of around 28 km/l 29 km/l.

The range should be around 360 kilometres which is decent enough.

I mean you have to refuel every 300 kilometers by keeping the last two liters in the tank as a precautionary measure and even if you ride 300 kilometers at a stretch it’s still a long distance to go without a single stop on my Duke 390 I usually refuel every 200 kilometers or so when i’m writing or cycle usually I can tell which care i’m on what on this bike I seem to be losing track of it and the reason behind is that even higher gears you have a good amount of torts and again and they seem to have widened the barb and that means if you’re on the Iran suddenly there’s some sort of traffic like you’re stuck behind trucks you can actually slow down and then pull ahead without downshifting due to the extra dark available to you in the hike is it may not sound like much but if you’re riding all day having to shift less definitely helps the me results are pretty functional and actually I can monitor what’s going on behind me without looking at my own elbows.

I’ve already stated that it’s a very easy way to ride the bike is extremely physical in the city and even Lane changing in higher speeds on the highway feels pretty easy there is no role from the rigid chassis and the front fields very sure-footed and gives the feedback that have always trying to find out of naked more cycles also a big fan of the weight distribution and the filtering in traffic is pretty easy i haven’t taken this bike to twistys so it’s not possible for me to comment on that department as of yet but hey the story moves forward and I’ll definitely get back to this bike for another test so why not hit that subscribe button right for me to get back to this I love this more cycle again and maybe we’ll take it to some twistys and have some fun moving on to the brakes and tires when you make your cycle fast you would definitely need a lot of stopping power especially if the more cycle is heavier it becomes even more important but judge hasn’t tried to save any money on the brakes it get sassy 20mm single-disc up front and the rear is a 230 mm discs the manufacture of the braking system is vibrate which applies the brakes for many but Judge motorcycles as well as the KTM Duke 390 and I really learned to trust the progressive and share for that breaking field from the sprint the bike as a parameter frame which has a more of a 50–50 sort of weight distribution so the rear brakes can also be used for some additional stopping power combined with the front while I was writing a good game into the highway and I had to drop speed very fast and honestly no better testing for the brakes then sudden panic braking the motorcycle performed really well and I didn’t feel that the ABS was activated and managed it with progressive breaking itself there’s a safety net of dual channel abs that is optional I stress on the word to our channel because unlike the ABS on the rs200 which was only there for the front wheel this time the ABS works on both the wheels and if you’re planning to buy one i strongly recommend you go for the ABS version trust me it saves lives the diner as wide as the Duke 203 90 and it gets revs from mrf we have had some issues in the past on the from the do 200 owners about these times and mainly it has been about the red grip and lead angle stability but on the breaking area this guy is provided enough friction to slow down the motorcycle quickly and i expect mrs new soft compound messages coming for this bike within the next six months or so remember the price tag on the motorcycle would have increased with the usage of better tires so but just took a decision with keeping the majority of the users in mind who would be fine with these tires but as i said before if you’re a finicky guy like me you can easily get a different set of tires front of this bike gets a 43mm telescopic suspension but it’s not an upside-down suspension and the KTM duke series they’re set of relatively hard and this makes the by easy to control and the feedback through them was very accurate really love the stability and rigidity it offered overall writing nations also going over the bad sections of the road even a high speeds the bike seems to applied over it i didn’t feel much even on the speed breakers the bike is good some clearance and it kind of reminded me of the suspension setup of the module that i would say that module and kind of not connecting with the corners and meaning with this motorcycle was much easier than that of the module I’ve seen a lot of disappointment over the top speed figures on the social media and honestly after riding the bike; 162 km/h top speed speedo indicated Bajaj’s official claim was somewhere around 148 km/h top speed I think it’s good enough for a power cruiser on an Indian highway I’m not looking for much from it.

Another thing I want to stress out is (that) these tires, the Revs are rated 180 kilometers per hour top speed and manufactures try to keep the top speed a little bit safer limit below the ratings so that even when the tire’s old you are still safe for speeding on it.

To attract all the youngsters who really don’t care about anything else apart from the top speed they’ve given this bike a nice wide power band and very nice to our torque figure which I honestly think a lot of youngsters to not understand the importance of this.

But really I’m impressed Bajaj that you have gone for something more substantial than just pleasing the crowd.

As you know looks and subjective and when I’m looking at the Dominator it’s not an all new groundbreaking design it follows the lines of the budget pulsar 200ns which I honestly think was the best-looking pulser you can call it a positive 260 writes the fuel tank is huge and that along with the headlight cluster takes the most of the attention of the bike the little console on the tank is a nifty touch overall this motorcycle as road presence and looks like a big bike but you also claims a new high quality three-layer paint on it to my eyes it looks really good and shiny there are three color options but my vote goes for the white one as it really makes the bike look big and elegant at the same time honestly I’ve seen a few other reviews and it seems everyone is so excited they’re not talking about the negatives of this motorcycle at all but as a complete reviewer my job is to cover everything about a motorcycle good and bad but before we get into it i would like to say that most of it is nitpicking as it was really hard to find any fault with this motorcycle first of all there were a few highway corners where I kept the truck pinned and I leaned slightly the rare off the bike seem to slide off the line just a tiny bit and since the tires are about 200 kilometers all during this testing this shouldn’t be happening to be fair I was over 250 km/h in one of those lines so most writers may not experience this still this could be happening due to reasons either it’s due to the softer suspension on the rare or it’s due to the tires I’ve had a discussion with the highwayman about this and he wasn’t too impressed with the tires as well i think the softer compound messengers we tested from mr a few weekends ago on the track would have been much better choice to handle the torque of this motorcycle another thing that did bother me was the wheat hundred and eighty-two kgs of gold it definitely makes the by quite heavy but thanks to the low in Torquay you don’t really feel it walking down the performance of the cycles in the lower RPM but a lighter weight would have made it faster and given it better acceleration do i understand that when cost-cutting is in process a few heavy allies of metal are brought up as light realized that are used for major weight reductions really drive up the costs so it’s a good decision from the judge to balance it out I really wanted to adjust the rear suspension and test despite to find out more about its cornering stability but on this test we can do it maybe on the next one we play around with it and we can explore further there have been a few queries about vibrations on this motorcycle and well honestly couldn’t feel much vibrations through most of the reference but when i was in a higher gear and some had to slow down without shifting i was reading in a very low ref around two-and-a-half thousand to three and a half thousand rpm and at that point it was clear vibrations through the bars and the foot pics now I wear these take down easy leather gloves and my vibrations usually do not feel it through my hand and and feature also clad in this dr course outputs from Diane easy so vibrations filtering through these take writing years did concern me but the moment I went over 3,500 rpm the vibrations completely disappeared and the motorcycle had the smoothness which I have nothing to complain about I don’t think it’s a deal breaker for the Reverend when most of the riders will be using it it doesn’t really matter is being and make it by will always be win last problem especially for riding all day some naked bike still have some sort of aerodynamic channeling but on this one I really felt whacked by the headwinds now I do wear a very energetic leather suit which reduces wind last but even that conceived me this time I really want the judge to come up with the windshield as an accessory for this bike because I think that make living life on the highway much easier we always have to remember that the sitting position on this more cycle is very upright and that does increase the wind pressure on the writer nothing that altering windscreen can’t fix so if i bought the spike that would be the first thing i’ll upgrade and of course a pair of audio something backs will be my only other modification before I hit the highway for a long tour overall the bajaj dominant performed way over my expectations but I don’t expect you to blindly take my word for it that strives for this bike is available at your local dealership and if you have already written it do leave your feedback in the comments down below and also read what other writers saying about it for me i am sacked let’s motorcycle Cyril request for another road test and that time we will compare it with other motorcycles like the minds of mojo honor cbr250r and my own KTM Duke 390 subscribe if you want to see that epic review thanks for watching and I’ll see you very, very soon this is Rahul, goodbye.

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