This Yamil Sued for Gun Stock Reviews 2017 brings us to exciting Combat Commander pistols from Colt One is the standard combat commander and the other one is a Wily Clapp lightweight Combat Commander.

Both of these Colt Combat Commander pistols have features that you can only get from a custom gunsmith now you can get them directly from the cold factory.

if your choice is a lighter-weight pistol the wily clap combat commander is the right choice for you if like me you like a heavier pistol the standard Colt Combat Commander should be the choice for you the standard ColtCcombat Commander comes both in 45 acp and nine millimeter the Wily Clapp only comes in nine millimeter they both have very exciting features that makes them a little different but they’re pretty much the same i tested both of this magnificent pistols the Colt Commander in 9mm is a smooth shooting pistol.

very fast and the sites were very easy to acquire I shot the Wily Clapp pistol to that pistol with those grips with the checkering on the grips is just feels fantastic the standard Pete Single checkering on it is just a dream to shoot i’m having a real hard time picking which one I want I might take the heavier Colt Combat Commander because it’s just I like heavier pistols but the wily club just is calling my name I don’t know what to do you’ll probably have the same problem I have.

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