REVIEWMYAPPS.COM — This time i will share about Best Battery Saving Tips To Play Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is taking on the globe. Whereas it is a ton of fun to travel out and capture Pokemon. The app could be a massive drain on battery life. Pokemon Go is Utilizing of augmented-reality technology could be the main attraction of the game Pokemon Go. However, it is consuming big battery power.

It will be a challenge constantly keeping battery life and charging your device to form certain you’ve got enough juice left to possess a good play session.

Best Battery Saving Tips To Play Pokemon Go

Best Battery Saving Tips To Play Pokemon Go

The Battery could be only 10 percent left in just 2 hours playing. It is certainly disturbing the user. That in additional general terms, means it will consume through your battery quicker than you’d suppose. thus we will tell you how to extend your battery life while playing Pokemon.

#1. Activate “Battery Saver” on Pokemon Go

There is a simple way that the pokemon developer already set for players. the feature name is “Battery Saver”. this is how to activate Battery Saver on Pokemon Go:

  • Tap “Pokeball” on the bottom of the page
  • Choose “Setting” at right-top of the screen
  • Activate the Battery Saver there

After activating the battery saver, it will reduce the screen brightness. it will help some battery power to safe a bit. But, many players still got their battery are running out. if it happens to you, then try the second tips.

#2. Download Google Maps Data

If you firstly download the google maps data, the Pokemon Go doesn’t need to synchronize the location while playing. it will really help significantly to safe your battery life. This is how to download google data maps for playing pokemon go.

  • Open Google Maps apps from your smartphone.
  • Choose the 3 lines “Hamburger”.
  • Press Settings.
  • Tap “Offline areas”.
  • Press the location. then tap “+” at the right-bottom of the screen to enlarge other specific location.

Not only can this tricks extend the battery life, but also can save your internet data consumption. So, this post is the Best and Rarest Tips to Safe Battery Life While Playing Pokemon Go. If you get some struggle on implementation, feel free to comment below. please SHARE this post.

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