Quantstamp ICO

Quantstamp protocol has the potential to become a default security audit solution for every smart contract based on Ethereum.

Official website: https://quantstamp.com/

I think Quantstamp is a great project:

Security is a crucial component in the cryptocurrency space. I just can’t imagine Initial Coin Offering being conducted without having strong security audit of their smart contract code. So far, most of the companies are doing this from within the house. And this is far from ideal solution. Now these companies can focus on developing their core products, while easily outsourcing the security audits of their smart contracts to the Quantstamp security specialists for a much smaller fee than what it would actually cost them if they would to do it themselves. And this is of course not limited only to the smart contracts for Initial Coin Offerings, but for any Ethereum smart contract.

Why Should You Trust Quantstamp?

You might be wondering why you should trust a centralized actor such as Quantstamp considering that it could be compromised too. However, this should not be an issue of concern since its protocol removes centralization from the process of auditing, which means that a single bad actor in Quantstamp cannot green-light a project even if they have been compromised. This assurance is great in the world of unregulated ICOs that have seen investors losing a lot of money.

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