How The Testosterone Levels Of Fathers Can Affect Their Sons

If you are a teenager, and you have recently found out that your father is experiencing symptoms of low testosterone in their body, it is possible that you may have inherited his genetics. Although male pattern baldness comes from the mother side, lower levels of testosterone can come from the father’s genetics directly. It is also a known fact that after a man becomes a father, testosterone levels will dramatically plummet. This would seem unrealistic, but there seems to be a chemical change associated with knowing that you are a father which changes something in a man’s biology.

How Testosterone Levels Of Fathers Can Affect Their Sons

There are three specific problems associated with passing on the genetics of having low testosterone. First of all, this will be an indication for some young men that they will have symptoms such as hair loss, fatigue, loss of muscle mass, and a loss of libido once lower level of testosterone production kick in. There are ways to resolve this problem naturally which begins with taking natural supplements such as zinc and fenugreek.

How The Supplements Can Help

These supplements have been shown to increase testosterone levels quite dramatically which is why men should take them every day. Even better, fenugreek has the ability to block DHT which can lead to male pattern baldness. If you have a history of men going bald on your mother side, this is one way to combat this potential situation. Best of all, you will have higher levels of stamina, and your libido will be just fine, by taking either of these supplements.

Improve your Testosterone Levels Starting Today

After you have noticed that your stamina and sexual drive have begun to diminish, you should consider finding as many supplements as possible that can increase testosterone levels in your body. The testosterone levels of fathers can lead to all of these problems, but these natural supplements can help maintain higher amounts of testosterone which is exactly what a man will need in his adult and later years.

Although there is always the possibility that your testosterone levels will not diminish, regardless of your father having problems, it’s good to know that you can always find natural remedies that can solve many health issues, and these two supplements can definitely help boost testosterone levels back to normal once again.

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