At Revive Project, we have gone a long way to be where we are now and know all too well about the challenges of the upcoming crypto traders. Today, we present the Pulse token. With each Pulse transaction a commission worth 10% of the sum transitioned is extracted and used to make the project stronger.

This solves lots of issues that otherwise come up within the community, from funding new projects to ensuring a trader’s ability to buy and sell at any time. Stay tuned for more details!

#reviveproject #pulsetoken #cryptocurrency #cryptoinvestment

Revive Basket is a “basket” of tokens and projects picked by our team. The Basket is the source of funding for upcoming projects

#reviveproject #pulsetoken #cryptocurrency #cryptoinvestment

Getting to know Revive Ecosystem

Revive Basket is a “basket” of crypto projects selected from the market, with the weight established by our experts. At the launch of the Revive Project there will be only 5 blockchain infrastructures in the basket, after that the community will vote others in.

5% of each Pulse transaction is automatically invested in these tokens and futher swapped through PancakeSwap and allocated to various needs, including funding of upcoming crypto projects.

Later on, the “RedeemBasket” function can be called for any of the tokens in the Revive Basket, so the liquidity is redeemed from PancakeSwap, the tokens are sold for Pulse, and the deliver function is called, distributing the amount of Pulse obtained to all the current token holders. A schedule of redeeming events will be made publicly available by our team.

#reviveproject #pulsetoken #cryptocurrency #cryptoinvestment

Anyone who thinks the world isn’t changing quickly should take a look at the crypto market. We attempt to build a friendly environment for all crypto traders and want to know what interests or bothers you the most. Which variant sounds more like you?

  1. Dynamics of the cryptocurrency exchange
  2. New and upcoming crypto products and their perks
  3. Analysis and predictions by crypto specialists
  4. Other variants

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For the Revive Project infrastructure to work seamlessly, we especially designed the native token, Pulse, which will govern our ecosystem.

#reviveproject #pulsetoken #cryptocurrency #cryptoinvestment

One of the solutions to how we can make Revive Ecosystem more stable and self-sufficient is the Revive Exchange. Revive Exchange is an upcoming exchange platform accessible to all Pulse holders. Pretty obvious, isn’t it? All upcoming crypto products will be traded here, with new features and updates improving the ecosystem even further.

Join us by September 1st and start trading!

#reviveproject #pulsetoken #cryptocurrency #cryptoinvestment

Revive Ecosystem is a complex system but it doesn’t have to be too complicated. Here’s a simplified picture of what it is and where it’s going.

#reviveproject #pulsetoken #cryptocurrency #cryptoinvestment

We’ve integrated resources into the Ecosystem that let it grow and promote growth in new projects outside it. We’ve covered Revive Basket, Revive Launchdome, and liquidity funds but there are more ways in which we aim to make life easier for investors. …

Pulse’s circulation will unfold according to the schedule planned way ahead. Keep reading for details!

#reviveproject #pulsetoken #cryptocurrency #cryptoinvestment

Getting to know Revive Ecosystem. A product’s liquidity is its ability to be bought and sold without a big impact on its market value. Since the ability to buy and sell is important to our clients, a small percentage of each transaction is placed on PancakeSwap ensuring that Pulse stays liquid.

Revive Project

The Revive Project is the first platform on the crypto market where communities join forces to invest and grow awesome crypto projects.

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