Is your story holding you back?

Most people have the desire to do something great with their lives. The problem being, they don’t believe they possess the inner power to follow them desires.

So what holds us back?

It’s the constant story we keep telling ourselves. I’m not talented enough, smart enough. I’m too old. I haven’t got the time.

I’ve been there myself; I blamed everyone and everything. I told myself a story of lack, a story that contained a lot of some days; some day I will write, some day I will stand up for myself, someday I will follow my true calling, some day, some day, some day.

Guess what? That day never came.

What I came to realize was, some day never comes; it is simply a little story we tell ourselves to feel better about not taking action.

Divine intervention.

Then, as I walked down a back street in Cusco Peru in 2015, I met a group of youths; next thing I knew I was getting carried to an ambulance. I had got beaten unconscious and robbed of everything, even my hat, and shoes.

As I had been stabbed five times in the leg and had facial wounds, I spend a couple of weeks in the hospital, plus many in recovery. Many would have looked at this attack negatively, but I did not. For me, it was God saying to me. Slow down and start doing what I sent you to do.

Yes, it was drastic, but I had been putting it off. I always wanted to inspire people and thought about writing for years, but I always told myself that I wasn’t intelligent enough, I hadn’t got the patience, I hadn’t got the time. Bottom line, I was telling myself I just wasn’t good enough.

This was my story, my inner dialogue.

I share this story to inspire you to take action before life changes you, because if you wait for life to change you; no matter how prepared you think you are, your not.

Your inner dialogue is much more powerful than you realize. It is the difference between you living the life you desire, and living a life where you are waiting for five o clock to come around. The sad fact is, if you are living this type of life; happiness only arrives when you retire.

Break Time

You were not put on this planet to clock in, and clock out; you were put here to add something to society.

We all have God-given talents and abilities, but we need to embrace them, nurture them, and help them grow. Even Ronaldo; who is arguably the best soccer player on the planet. When asked about his talent said; There’s no talent here, I just train harder than everyone else.

Let your new story begin with; From today I’m no-longer trying to improve my weaknesses. Instead, I’m going to develop my strengths.


Success in any area of life is a simple as deciding.

Sometimes, like in my case, we are forced into deciding; I do not recommend waiting for this. If you want to write, write. If you want to run, run. You will learn along the way. Decide what you want; write out a list and follow each point.

Every step you take, and plan you make, when broken down is a story that you tell yourself.

The law of attraction when condensed, is changing your story; changing your inner dialogue until it manifests itself on the stage of life.

They say everyone has a book in them; what is the next chapter of your story going to reveal about you?

First steps.

If you have ever seen The Truman Show; A brief synopsis for those of you that haven’t. Jim Carrey is an insurance salesman/adjuster who discovers his entire life is actually a television show.

Well, what you do day to day is your show. At first, you may say it would make a boring story, but guess who the director is? Guess who the producer is? Guess who is the leading character.

Start asking yourself, what would make my story more interesting?

This may sound crazy, but when you look at life from this perspective, life changes. Maybe you stress out a lot more than you like. If this is the case, decide your character is calm and collected. If your life has no direction, give your character direction, get them to apply for courses, and interviews. Make them attend the gym, the class; create a plot were you get to met the girl or guy of your dreams.

Of course with all acting their will be re-takes and edits, but unless you change your story, the plot can not move forward.

Take a step of faith today.

Rev J Martin

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