I been speakin to Sistaz, lately and here’s what they been tellin me about Niggaz and they Dicks. Listen Up. And DO sumpen about yo shit if at ALL possible. Otherwise, just have yo Big Mama PRAY 4 U or sumpen, mah Nigga.

1 — ASHY DICK. According to the Sistaz I be talking to — Too many of U Niggaz got dem Ashy Dicks. GREASE UP from da NUTS UP. Use sum Virgin Coconut Oil on yo shit or sumpen. Or dat old standby: VASELINE or LOTION.

2 — TWO-TONE DICK. Part of Yo Dick is Yo BODY Color and da other Part look like a Nigga wit dem PINK GUMS. Bitches be scared of U muthafuckaz.

3 — SWEATER DICK. Nigga Dick look like he got on a HOOD Made in da Phillipines. Go git CIRCUMCIZED, Nigga. Cuz ya Dick look like its HIDING frum da Police n shit. Ye Olde Peek-a-book Dick muthafucka.

4 — CROOKED DICK. You Niggaz make it hard from me when I finally git to da Pussy after yawl. Yawl been done fucked up a Bitch Left or Right Kidney or Liver n shit.

-Sexual Savage-

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