How Useful is NDA Study Material in NDA Test Preparation?

Students who wish to join National Defence Academy, also known by the name of NDA, need to appear in the entrance exam conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), New Delhi every year. The UPSC is completely responsible for conducting the examination and issuing the guidelines. Candidates appearing for NDA need to meet several requirements and prepare using NDA study material to get the desired scores to get selected in the examination. If you are preparing for NDA, then mentioned below are several preparation tips that can help you get the desired scores in the test.

l Know the test Format- The first and foremost thing you need to do is to know the format of the NDA test. This will not only help you stay informed about what you are going to be asked in the exam but also prepare accordingly. Know what type of questions you will be asked and what will be time duration for each section. Getting answers to questions like these will help you prepare right for the test.

l Practice is the key- It has been rightly said that practice is the key to success. With practice you will get to know which questions take you more time and which questions take less time. Eventually, you can learn to manage your time and give more time and practice to the questions which are taking you more time.

l Don’t Panic- During the preparation time, you will come across questions which you may find difficult to solve. Do not panic when you are not able to solve a question. Just trust your knowledge about the topic, make your best guess and move on. Sticking to a single question will lead to wastage of time. In the mean time, you can solve questions whose answers are known to you.

l Manage Time well- Time management is of key importance in the NDA test. You can master several shortcut methods to save time. We would highly recommend students not to waste time on solving questions that they are not aware of. Instead, they should move on to the next questions.

l Use High-quality study material- It is extremely important to study from high-quality NDA study material if you wish to score high on the NDA test. Always refer to the books and sample papers that adhere to the guidelines of the NDA test and provide you with the similar material and sample questions which you will be asked on the test.

l Beware of Negative Marking- NDA has negative marking system. According to the rules of negative marking, each wrong question attempted by the candidate will result in 0.25 marks deducted from the total. Therefore, do not aim to attempt all the questions in the test, attempt only those which you are confident about.

Follow these tips and you will definitely get the desired scores on the NDA test. We advise students to study from high-quality NDA study material, know the test format and practice well in order to score high on the test.

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