How children can empty your cluttered mind.


I don’t have children but when I am in the presence of them, I submit myself to their spirit.

You might be wondering why.

My role as a parent is absent, so I am not constantly battling with decisions on how to raise kids. To me it’s a luxury to be around them.

Forget worrying about them. Remove disciplining them. Lose the obligations to feed and bathe them and all I am left with is their wonder, free spirit, curiosity and careless innocence.

As a child I remember thinking how trapped adults were. I saw them trapped inside their bodies, not moving much. They just sat around, or did stuff that lacked creativity. I thought they were mostly sad because they looked worried and talked about stuff that made no sense.

I was witnessing the cluttered minds of the adult world.

There is a magical spirit that children carry. If it’s not obstructed by abuse and is guided with common sense, it can hold many secrets we adults are looking for.

We adults have cluttered minds.

Our inner voice is constantly narrating our lives, rambling on about thoughts that are insignificant to the moments of our days.

How can children remove the clutter in our mind?

  1. Have you noticed how many questions they ask? Their questions are mostly about the earth and nature. Answering these questions is enough to take our minds off those unpaid bills we’re overthink.
  2. Have you also played games with them? They can create games out of thin air. It is incredible how creative they are, and how open minded they can be. By playing along with them, we unleash our imagination, which is a mental vacation from our stifling and rigid thoughts on how to be politically correct.
  3. They laugh and smile when we let loose. Try changing the tone of your voice. Sing a silly song. Walk like a monkey and they will roar with laughter.
  4. Have you experienced how the innocent laughter of a child relaxes you? Their laughter sings like the happiest bird alive. Its sweetness reflects the inner joy we adults suppress when we conform to a world of grown up rules.
  5. Life gets so busy. There are too many things to do. We try our best to offer our attention to children because we know there are long-term consequences if we abandon their requests. But if we can just count to ten and take a deep breath and see children for who they truly are, we may see a very special moment when their innocence shines. Let their inner glow guide our tainted minds.
  6. There is a whole new generation of bubbling children. They will be the future citizens of the world. Our cluttered minds today will be forgotten by then, so let go of the heavy thoughts that wear us down. It is truly a waste of time.

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