If there is hell on earth, it is employing people in this industry.

I used to smoke because my friends smoked.

Being young and feeling absolutely invincible and indestructible gave me freedom to challenge anything dangerous. My friends and I were playing Russian Roulette. How exciting! We were the untouchables when we smoked half a pack a day during school and work breaks.

Since the destructive effects of smoking never showed up at the end of our days, we naively thought nothing could destroy us. We could not predict the long-term effects of smoking. When you are young, life is lived in bursts of short-term periods.

And this is why cigarette companies targeted the young people. They were targeted because they are loyal to a carefree lifestyle — until someone becomes addicted for life.

A bit of history:

The Indigenous peoples of South America and North America smoked tobacco through a pipe for special religious and medicinal purposes. Of course, the tobacco was different back then. It was more natural, and without the countless chemicals cigarettes contain these days. Another difference is that they did not smoke every day.

In the 1880’s James Albert Bonsack developed a cigarette-making machine. At that time, when a skilled cigarette roller could roll four cigarettes a minute, Bonsack’s machine rolled 200 a minute. Mass production became widespread. The hellish industry was beginning to grow.

Fast forward to the 1930’s. Health concerns began to reach public consciousness. The Hell Industry took necessary action by using actor-doctors in their advertisements telling the public smoking was safe. Their marketing began to get more aggressive.

Fast-forward to today, and a lot has changed.

Many laws have passed that forbid store owners from selling cigarettes to minors, television advertisement in North America have been banned, and graphic images are printed on most cigarette boxes around the world.

But despite all these restrictions, there are still millions of smokers who no longer need ads to motivate them to smoke. Some of the addicts are seeking help, and of those that do, only some quit successfully.

Although more than half of smokers develop cancer from this habit, the others suffer health problems. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable deaths and the smokers who live suffer many health-related illnesses that are very serious. Watch a smoker run 1 kilometer and see how their respiratory system reacts to it.


Cigarette manufacturers add glue, otherwise known as ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer. This glue’s purpose is to create a “fire safe” cigarette. The cigarette has three layers of paper glued together to reduce oxygen flow so that the cigarette will burn out quickly if no one is smoking it. This reduces risks of fires caused by forgotten cigarettes in homes or in forests.

But smokers are smoking the glue.

You might be thinking, ‘oh, how nice of them to think of our forests and homes.’ Actually, it is for the manufacturers’ defense against lawsuits if a smoker accidentally burns their house down.

Youth believe they will be invincible and indestructible forever, but in reality this feeling usually lasts less than five years of their lifetime.
It is within this time period and window of opportunity when youth are curious about experimenting. Although it is normal to be curious at times, it can get very risky when addiction is a likely possibility.

Outsmarting the hell industry:

  1. Quit the habit, or control it before it controls consumers. This is a time-sensitive game. Some countries have been winning this battle by enforcing very serious restrictions on selling cigarettes to minors under 30 years of age! The less exposed youth are, the less time and opportunities they have in becoming addicted before they mature.
  2. Understand that the tobacco industry around the world is estimated to earn close to half a trillion dollars every year. While people are experiencing a decline in their respiratory health, the owners of the industry are gaining incredible wealth.
  3. Products are tested on animals: experimenters with Philip Morris stuffed thousands of rats into tiny canisters that pumped tobacco smoke directly into their noses six hours a day for 90 consecutive days. The rats were then killed and dissected to examine the harm caused to their bodies.

In conclusion, the Hell Industry is very powerfully destructive! How can an industry that is responsible for many deaths and heartaches continue to stand strong in our society? The only reason is greed.

Like weeds, the best way to win this battle is by pulling its roots before the industry plants its seeds in the minds of innocent people during their times of innocence.

Continued exposure to this industry’s greediness can save lives. It is no longer cool to smoke.

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