Why The Universe Believes You Are So Important.

And How You Can Change The World

You are living during the most important time in the history of human civilization.

Yes, you! You were born to a generation that has witnessed incredible historical changes. You exist among billions at this one time. You and the rest of the people on earth are breathing and thinking during an ongoing current existence called life.

It’s happening right now. Life is unfolding each second and you are immersed into it. Your every thought and action adds substance to this world.

So what you put out into the world has a very huge impact on it. My first question I ask you is: what are you putting out?

Do you ever stop?

Do you ever stop at times to take it all in? Do you ever take a deep breath and hold it in for a few precious seconds? Do you ever try to break the restraining walls in your mind to free your crying soul? To let it roam wild into the beautiful cosmos that exists around you every second of your life?

Do you feel the planets in your galaxy moving? Do you feel the sun’s burning rays penetrating their way into your hemisphere even if the sun is on the other side of the earth?

Do you understand how incredibly empowering this can be? You are an incredible soul running around searching. Your purpose is to seek for all kinds of love. Your beautiful existence right now is to find a way to help other souls find their way. Why do you think so many of us are living together in this one time?

My second question to you is this: are we hurting each other more than we are helping each other?

Have you ever asked why we are all here? So many of us? Walking beside each other? Standing behind one another? Sitting in front of each other? Seven billion humans and many more animals and the earth? Do you feel the significance of your existence within this tapestry of life?

“Let Your Light Shine Before Others” — Matthew 5:16

Your light has been offered to you at birth. It is your birthright to harness it and to feed it. It is the light that you refer to when life casts shadows in your path. This light burns inside you eternally.

Your glow has the magical capacity to nourish those who need your love.

Yes There Is Hell On Earth

This solidifies your purpose even further. Pour your ever-flowing valuable soul into the darkest corners of the world.

The time to do it is always now. You are living in the most current time in history. Everything is happening today. Your involvement is needed to the highest level because you are also living in the darkest times.

You are standing at the pinnacle of mankind’s existence and history needs your attention because you are so important.

Seven Billion

Imagine if seven billion turned to each other exchanging their illuminating inner light.

Imagine the incredible power seven billion people can create if their mental prison-walls are shattered. Imagine seven billion people empowering one other.

Seven billion hearts come together into one heart.

Your heart beats 40,000,000 times per year. Over a lifetime, both men and women averaged, that results to 2, 600,000,000 heartbeats. Multiply that by seven billion. Now imagine each of those heart beats beating to the drum of one generation’s desire to continue its existence in peace.

You Are Very Important

There is a deeper meaning to your existence tearing through your fabricated lifestyle. Beyond the numbers, the colors, the shapes and sizes is the uncontrollable thriving inner presence of your living. You are needed so badly. Your love, your joy, your passion is in high demand.

No one can do this better than you.

Love Is The Most Volatile Rebel!!

The kind of love that offends and destroys is the unconditional one. The one that asks for nothing in return.

When wars are dominating the world; when killing increases industry profits; when destruction lends power to the destroyers - the only action that can stop these established rulers of our current affairs is love.

I am not talking about the premature love that most people comply to. I am talking about the highest form of love there is that moves hearts and souls towards true freedom.

You carry that force each second of the day.

Yes, you.


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