But my loved ones know exactly how I feel about them. My 2 brothers know I love them to fucking death. My sister knows beyond the shadow of a doubt I would do anything for her. My mom and dad and family and friends know that I care deeply for them, that I think about them constantly, and I deeply value my relationships with them.
The 5 Best Parts of Taking Full Responsibility For Your Life
Anthony Moore

This is beautiful. Wow. Family is questionable as we grow up because we feel stuck with them. Then as you say as we take full responsibility of our lives, we then understand more things in life like family relationships. We open up to our feelings because we have to in order to take on the world with its responsibilities. We do not live alone. We are constantly around people. If we do not own our choices, we become aloof to our deeper purpose and this is projected to others. If we do not take responsibility for our lives our relationships suffer.

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