This is how a flawed society will treat you if you have original ideas. Others will try to steal, imitate, or take what you’ve presented as their own. Don’t worry. This is the only way that most people’s ego’s allow them to compliment other people. And if you’re onto something big enough, no one will be able to bring it into the real world in the way you envision it.
The 7 Signs That You’re Onto Something Big
Chad Grills

Wow, I love this interpretation. We are social animals and it is easy for us to follow, to fit in and to imitate. It takes independent thinkers and doers to step away from the crowd. But what is the purpose of stepping away and doing something amazing? Does this benefit the actual individual or the crowd? It reminds me of the shamans of the Indian tribes. They wandered into the forests for days and weeks until they gain spiritual awareness which they bring back to the tribe. So it is enlightening for the shaman, and spiritual guidance for the tribe.

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