Your Three Most Powerful Loves

The strongest one improves as time goes by.

In the depths of your psyche lies a super secret.

This secret is so deeply hidden-it is the secret of your life.

It is your purpose and the adventure of your life’s meaning.

In time, if you play your cards right you can find it and live in it.

So what is it?

Tapping into the source of your undying unconditional love.

Some tap into it a few times in their lifetime and tell magnificent stories about it.

But there is a challenge.

The challenge is to maintain your position inside the source of your undying unconditional love and stay there.

But it is not easy because…

…of these two conditional loves preceding the Unconditional love:

Now don’t judge my reasons yet. The two conditional loves have incredible capacities to elevate your soul to unconditional heights. However they also have the capacity to be self-driven and therefore distract you from maintaining your position in the unconditional love’s level of your existence. Here they are:

1. Familial Love

There have been numerous wars and battles motivated by familial ties to a tribe or clan.

Your genetic makeup is brutally driven to secure and support familial protection and growth at all costs.

This kind of love is limited to blood which becomes concentrated love. It is the kind of love that is patriotic which drives your brothers, sisters, and parents to sacrifice themselves for the sake of your family.

Although loyalty is extremely powerful within familial ties, this loyalty can create external enemies if loyalty to the clan outweighs loyalty to justice.

2. Romantic Love

The excitement of early romance is unparalleled. The incredible passion of sharing intimately with one special person becomes one of the most important highlights of your life.

When you are romantically involved with someone your very basic urges to be loved and needed escalate.

Feelings of rejection are frequently visited when the slightest moments of separation appear.

Sharing your most intimate dreams, desires and secrets with another person brings you back to your childhood memories when the need to be nurtured and accepted were incredibly essential for your emotional stability.

However, since you are not perfect, your imperfections come to the surface in a love affair.

Especially when you feel your love towards your partner is not reciprocated.

If unchecked, a romantic love affair becomes a conditional love.

Your needs become self driven and you demand your partner to meet those needs.

…and now the star of your loves is…


I am convinced this is the highest form of love.

Parents experience unconditional love and build their entire lives securing the needs for their children.

“When you look into your mother’s eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth.”
-Mitch Albom
“The only way love can last a lifetime is if it is unconditional.”
-Stephen Kendrick
“When someone else’s happiness is your happiness. That is love.”
-Lana Del Ray

I haven’t heard anyone going to war for unconditional love.

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”
-Proverbs 17:17

Although familial and romantic loves are super powerful, they are exclusive to your chosen members.

Unconditional love is inclusive to all living beings.

Unconditional love is enlightenment.

Compassion, empathy, forgiveness, understanding and helping are born from this source.

It opens your heart to sincere and true acceptance of not just a different point of view, but the power to understand another person’s pain.

Even your enemy’s pain.

Unconditional love is appreciating not only the things you gained and earned, but for the things that already existed before you.

Like sunshine, the unconditional love of a family member, the time you have on earth to change something about yourself, the ability to see beauty and the ability to hear music.

Unconditional love is introduced in a family environment and in a love affair. The people involved have the capacity to embrace it. At times it is easy such in the case of a parent’s love towards their children.

But most times it needs to be practiced. Forgiving someone is not easy. Understanding a very different view point is not easy.

These are lessons to be learned. The remarkable part of unconditional love is its resulting consequences. Forgiveness can change a relationship dramatically. Understanding a different point of view can end an argument.

I believe as we age we become better at loving unconditionally.

This is the process of aging gracefully.

CALL TO ACTION: Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are you practicing unconditional love in your relationships? Or conditional love?
  2. During arguments are you trying to win the battle? Holding grudges? Or are you taking the step to understand the other person’s view and try to find a solution?

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