5 Surprising Facts About IWC Portuguese Grande Complication

It takes skill and a whole lot of creativity to combine subtlety with technical sophistication, especially if you’re in the business of making stunningly beautiful luxury watches. Schaffhausen-based manufacture IWC undoubtedly nailed this without much difficulty via the IWC Portuguese Grande Complication, which easily is the embodiment of understated beauty and genius technical expertise.

There is definitely no surprise there, as the brand has always been known to produce finely crafted timepieces that epitomise minimalist appeal. The Grande Complication under the Portuguese line is a great example of how the brand fuses its artistic know-how with topnotch engineering to create watches that exude both simplicity and sophistication.

Revolution Watches shares five interesting facts that will make any watch enthusiast instantly love this collection of IWC watches.

1. Brings together the best of the watchmaking industry’s most notable achievements

It’s not called a “Grande Complication” for nothing. The IWC Portuguese Grande Complication (reference 3776) gathers all the best technical features you can ever imagine in one beautiful watch. In a nutshell, this timepiece has a total of 20 displays and functions, which include among others, a perpetual calendar, a minute repeater, and a perpetual moon phase display, on top of its time and chronograph functions. All these displays and functions work together beautifully through an interplay of 659 individual mechanical parts.

2. The perpetual calendar is an IWC masterpiece

The watch impresses even more with its intricately designed perpetual calendar that shows the date, day, month, and year in a four-digit display. The outstanding part about this is that this particular perpetual calendar takes into consideration all the complexities of the leap years, therefore the years can be divided by four, without any remainder. It will require, though, about three adjustments by a watchmaker on years that may appear leap years but are not, and these are in 2100, 2200, and 2300. The same principle is applied on the centuries, which are all divided by 400 without remainder as well. The perpetual calendar of this timepiece is programmed until the year 2499.

3. The minute repeater is highly complex

To prove just how complicated the minute repeater feature of this watch is, it actually took 50,000 hours just to develop its strike train. You can operate the minute repeater through the repeating slide of the case’s left-hand side, which then chimes out the time in harmonious tones. What’s more impressive is that each gong that chimes to indicate the hours, quarters, and minutes is single-handedly handmade and tuned carefully to ensure clarity in pitch and tone.

4. An IWC Portuguese watch that looks elegantly simple

The technical features of this timepiece are complemented by a simpler, cleaner silhouette. The dial, which is silver-plated, shows a clearer, more composed face sans the engraved globe that indicates longitude and latitude. However, there’s a compass rose detail that is engraved on the case back, which makes the watch look elegant.

At 45-millimetres, the watch truly commands attention and made even more eye-catching by the Santoni alligator leather strap that is attached to it.

5. An exclusive masterpiece

Such a beautiful and complicated timepiece is only for those with a distinct taste; those who revel in the exclusivity that comes with a truly unique watch. That is why the IWC Portuguese Grande Complication comes in editions of 250 watches for each of its two versions: an 18-carat red-gold variation with a red gold thread detail on the strap and a platinum model with an equally sleek platinum thread detail on its strap.

The IWC Portuguese Grande Complication is the perfect reflection of the Portuguese’s charm: minimalist yet oozing with understated elegance. This is one timepiece you would definitely want on your wrist as your go-to everyday watch.

To know more about the Portuguese Grande Complication and other beautifully crafted IWC watches such as the IWC Portofino, IWC Ingenieur, IWC Aquatimer, and IWC Perpetual Calendar, visit IWC online. Check out the Revolution Watches for more note-worthy features and videos on IWC timepieces.

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