Future Social Network “revolutr”

Discover, share what matters…

“revolutr” is an interest based social network helps you “connect with like minded people” who are just like you.

It also lets you “Discover trending news, Viral videos, top rated Books based on your Interests”. You can share & discover anonymous posts.

The actions loving, sharing a post, connecting a person are some of the main factors we consider to determine what to show on top of your feed. This helps us learn more about you, so we can recommend & do a better job in future.

we always love to show you the stories that matters most to you.

You can get inspired to “connect” more deeply with the things you love, here you can discover interesting and relevant content on what you love. Many of our users are actually really passionate about a specific interest and so we want to give them an opportunity to explore.

While “revolutr” is mostly about interests & recommendations, and the site’s anonymity has prompted users to open up more freely about their personal lives. The anonymous Internet is still so powerful.

revolutr — Discover Share what matters. www.revolutr.com

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