Why the Indians must come

Let me up this into better perspective, In summary you are saying Sri Lankan IT sector is very weak and can not stand by itself without the help of a foreign talent ? Like india.

Next for investors to invest in our county we should show a talented work force like python developers and so on. No I disagree on all these two points.
Who say’s IT in Sri Lanka is weak ? It’s growing really well but there is a catch most of the startups do not stay in Sri Lanka. Instead of bringing foreign indian talent (The left overs) why not make a framework to encourage and uplift the IT market and make sure these valuable startups and companies stay in Sri Lanka. There are so many IT startups that you have not even heard of were funded by foreign parties and they are doing pretty well generating massive revenue for another country, instead they would be in Sri Lanka and gaining investments to Sri Lanka. Why do you think most of the top Leading IT companies in Sri Lanka are HQ in the US ? have you ever questioned why ?And you think the Indian left overs are going to bring us more investments ?No! the answer is encourage and fund IT & give them tax benefits for bringing foreign currency to Sri Lanka. The government of Chile started a seed funding and startup accelerators that help companies grow, Specially in the field of IT & this has been a major success as they wanted to make the Silicon valley in South America, Do you see them signing an agreement with india to bring indian left over IT talent to archive this ? No! and Do you know there some major IT companies in Sri Lanka that were successful because of this ? Heard of medicaljoyworks funded by Chile (startupchile.org). It’s sad that the Sri Lanka government does not see the talent that was already in Sri Lanka and they are all leaving.

Why not make a framework to help and accelerate the current IT companies that are growing in Sri Lanka & give them the opportunity to stay. If you run a startup in Sri Lanka you will know how hard it is to bring foreign currency to Sri Lanka and they will rob you for every penny if not make 40 cents out of every dollar you make. Do know that there is no proper way to bring money to Sri Lanka ? Paypal & google wallet the major services have problems in implementing there services due to the banking policies in Sri Lanka(I’m not aware of them) Why not bring those services here first ?
Again my question is bringing Indian left over talent to Sri Lanka will help growth of IT ?

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