Mistakes, Endeavors, and Daydreams

Hello, friends, I am Rev. Steven Rosas, but I go by many names. I’ve been called more commonly; Steven, babe, or daddy. My employees have called me sir, the boss, and bossman. My friends call me Stevie Ray, Mr. Ray, The Rev, and the list goes on.

Before go further in depth let me me explain my motives. I first want to give a little of my self, then I would like to go back from where I’ve come, and finally I’d like to expand on where I’m going and why I’m going there.

In order to start a conversation about myself, I would have to start with words of my family. Katheryn, my fearless partner, has and exercises full administrative authority in our family and our businesses, almost seamlessly, allowing all gears in our ecosystem to work smoothly. Without Kat’s never ending actions and support of my thirst for knowledge, my research of new thoughts, and my evolving ideas, a lot of growth and development on my part would be long forgotten before conception. Through her I’ve learned consciousness, humility and gratefulness, arguably the most important traits a man could practice.

The children we share are our most treasured resource, all much more intelligent than we were at their age, they fill our hearts and home with love, and they are the best behaved children we know (thankfully and biased). The oldest is Katheryn’s, Micheal is 11 as I type, Mariah is mine and she is 8, Jonathan & Patience are mine and they’re 6 & 5, and the littlest, Bear, is ours, and he’s 2.

It’s is a priority for us to teach them self confidence, conciousness, and a respect for knowledge. I have learned to be better man because of them and for them.

We were running out of money, fast, I had already taken a sizable loan out on the car I owned at the time, and money didn’t look like it was coming in, I had a choice to make. A household goods moving company was founded on the fly as a “quick money getting scheme” with a “HQ” branch in North Texas and me operating in Amarillo. I posted an ad in Craiglist and started getting work immediately, the other branch wasn’t as lucky. To make a long story short: We got picked up by a contract delivery company, company information was never made fully available to me from the beginning of the company’s opening, we started hemorrhaging money on trucks and supplies, I took out a loan to keep the company in business, my partner refused any responsibility towards the loan by the company, we severed ties. Now, after the many lessons learned from “partnering” that business, Kat was pregnant with Bear, and I started working for the VA, it was a “cake job”.

I began my extraordinary passion for men’s fashion and grooming at this point, because being at a desk allowed me to wear nicer clothes, exercise more often, and read tons of magazines. The position was a temporary order and I was “set free”, without notice. This happened just a month before Bears due date, it was inconvenient, to say the least. Kat and I decided to get married. Fortunately, we had a decent nest egg and the help of Kats terrific parents. Kat and I were married in late December 2013, it was beautiful and intimate, we had Bear a week later.

After a couple of nice months with Kat and Bear we started running low on cash! As the idea guy, I started asking questions. What can I do? What have I done before? I’m not scared of hard labor, I’m a customer service expert, and Ive become a pretty proficient brand designer/ marketeer! I posted a picture of myself and a telling description of my moving experience and how much I would charge on Craigslist. Again, I immediately began working as a households goods mover. I owned and operated a reputable business, Foxridge Home Moving, for a little over a year by myself.

When my wife became my business partner, it was like the missing piece had been found. Claire, our accountant (and Kat’s mom), and Kat fight to keep our finances and paperwork on track, making us the debt-free and successful moving company we are today. Only months ago was I ordained and honored with the pleasure of joining my good friends, Reminton and Heather Rucker, into the bonds of matrimony.

During this time the Supreme Court ruling for marriage equality came through making equal marriage rights the law of the land. I knew it was the start of something new and great, and I knew people were going to have trouble getting married by a minister that might not be able to (or refuse to) marry an LGBTQ couple, so I wanted to do anything I could to help! I started advertising recently on Facebook as a professional wedding officiant, have done, and continue to do, weddings regularly.

I cherish the responsibility to lead each of these individually unique, beautiful, and momentous occasion. I don’t imagine I’ll ever stop.

As an Ordained Minister, I have found a great respect for, “looking the part”. Most often you can look at a gentleman and tell where they’ve been, where they’re going, and where they want to go. I work to project an image of confidence, authority, and integrity by hitting the gym every day, knowing a good tailor, and cleaning myself up from time to time.

I’m good at looking good, and I’m great at looking classy on a budget. I read, watch, and listen to research on the best and newest fashion trends, on the latest and greatest fitness trends, and on the most groundbreaking and tried-and-truest of men’s health & hygiene techniques. I’ve been able to practice these things, I know how to dress for an interview, a date, or an event, and if I don’t know something, I’ll find someone who does. I also have a passion for helping people reach hidden potential within themselves. Now that I have identified these qualities about myself, I’m dying to share! A montra of mine is, “Keep moving foward”, so I have traversed onward; I’ve opened all manor of “Rev. Steven R.” social media spots such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Plus. I am excited to speak on stage soon, I am currently working on a speech about, “The Conciousness of Men”. I am on my way to advertising as the first Men’s Image Consultant of Style by R.I.S.E.. While I’m not covered in kids, moving, or meeting and marrying couples; I enjoy reading a good book, hitting the gym, or relax with my wife.

Now, that I have somewhat divulged the nature of my motivation, my discipline, and my self image, I’ll mention my supportive, loving, and beautiful wife, Katheryn, she keeps me classy. You could never forget my five smart, creative, and beautiful children, they keep me grounded. I’ve made lessons out of my mistakes, I have studied my successes, and I was happy to daydream about my endeavors! For those that have eyes to read, I plan on venturing further in depth about the topics (my successful business, Foxridge Home Moving, my family, my past business lessons, and present day issues and how we solve them) in this post I type now! I will be informing the masses about Mens Fashion in Amarillo, Mens Health and Hygiene in Amarillo, and weddings I’ve done as “the Rev.”!

Change takes consistency, and perfection takes practice.
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