A view of Valletta and Manoel Island from Ta’ Xbiex, Malta

Luigi back to the blog after over half an year of silence, most spent in Malta.

Let’s be direct, conferences are meant for traveling, social interactions and content.

And that’s the exact order: they are a great way for visiting new places and having a break from the daily job, and socializing is essential for building connections and, in some cultures, even finalizing a deal.

Content is something that doesn’t have physical barriers and can be replicated anywhere with a video and the slides.

Videos are perfect for sharing content, in fact uploading a video on YouTube or having a…

The REVULN 19Q4 conference ended about one week ago and the framework has proved to be working, even despite the problems affecting the location in the recent months.

Hong Kong is “still there”, daily life is the usual and everything is normal except for fewer recycle bins, big barriers around government buildings, washed out graffitis on some walls and a queue for entering the airport. …

Few weeks to the end of the Call for Speakers (or Call for Papers, CFP) for REVULN 19Q4 and it’s time for some updates and “behind the scenes”.

The two topics selected for this conference are quite different than those of the previous event in May focused on cybersecurity (OSINT and hacktivism). Cybersecurity is our main field, therefore during that CFP it was a bit “easier” to find and get in touch with possible speakers connected to it.

With topics like crime prevention and fake news it’s a totally different game, they are very sensitive nowadays and it’s more difficult…

One of the escalators in Hong Kong Central

Five months ago I wrote my first post here on Medium, it was about the project for a cybersecurity conference in Asia.
Finally last week the event took place and the results have been better than expected.

Still some small things to fix but the “core” idea worked well and the knowledge and experience collected in these months are priceless.

Just a quick recap of the challenges and features of the recent event:

  • No sponsors: everything was entirely financed by REVULN itself.
  • No marketing or promotions: the event didn’t have any promotional or advertising goals, therefore no “return of investment”.

The agenda for REVULN ’19 has been published few days ago.
A selection that started two months and half ago in full holiday time and with other two months and half until the event.

We have speakers from China, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Russia and Pakistan, with jobs and knowledges very different too, CERT organizations, law enforcement, forensics, lawyers, telecommunication and information security companies, universities.

The first good news, also visible from the agenda itself, is the increased amount of scheduled speakers resulting in 12 presentations instead of the originally planned 11.

On the other side the presentations…

Less than seven days until the end of the Call for Papers and just some updates before the final schedule.

Currently we still don’t know if there will be any extension of the deadline, in that case it will be communicated on our website and socials after February.

The first week of March we will confirm the selected speakers and build the final agenda (or partial agenda in case of extension) that will be published immediately after.

Participation at the event is for invited guests only as revealed few days ago.

There are no tickets available to buy and no…

What’s going on?

Hi everybody, Luigi here.
First post and long time without any news, so what’s going on?

After many years since the founding of the company, we finally have our conference. The idea has ever been there in the “drawer” knocking every now and then but it required some time and the right moment before becoming mature enough.

After having spoken at various conferences (POC, PHDays, HITB, BH, NSC and S4) and learned the goods and bads from such experiences, I decided to spend the last 4 years attending many events on the opposite side as a participant……


Cybersecurity research and conferences

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