What Is Software Usage Analytics?

Depending on what you do (product management, software development, etc.), you may call it software usage analytics, runtime intelligence, software business intelligence, or software intelligence (if I missed your favorite please add it in the comments). Software usage analytics is the ability to collect, analyze, present, and visualize data on the use of software applications and describes the solutions to understand the adoption of specific features, user engagement, product lifecycles, computing environments, and more.

Our customers implement software usage analytics to better understand which features are adopted and which are ignored. This intelligence is very helpful in the software development lifecycle, but can also point to problems in UI or UX. It also helps them improve the experience of trial downloads: by understanding how (or if) the software is being used, they can better tailor their in-application messaging to these prospective customers and improve conversions.

All these use cases require a proven reporting and visualization framework to maximize the collection of actionable software intelligence with minimal end user and application performance impact. Our customers consistently tell us that the capabilities they value most in our software usage analytics system are:

  • The easy access to detailed data by multiple roles within their organization
  • The flexibility they have to build their own reports and dashboards that are meaningful to their own products
  • The ease with which they can add the software usage intelligence system into their build environments
  • The reporting mechanism’s ability to easily generate intelligence from their end user organizations

So whether you call it software usage analytics, runtime intelligence, software business intelligence, software intelligence, or even “the gift that keeps on giving” as one customer dubbed it, the ability to analyze how your applications are used is an invaluable tool for software providers. It enables you to create educated decisions on their products and understand how it is being used to ultimately drive new revenue. Be sure to tour the product and then start your free trial to see how software usage analytics can work for you.

Originally published at www.revulytics.com.