A Heart to Heart: Dawn’s Reflections.

  • “Who” and “How”?

Recently I noticed that whenever I start writing, I keep wondering who would ever want to read this? How would anything I write be tempting for someone else to read? Let’s just say, I still haven’t found the answer to that..

  • Trial & Error.

Honestly, nothing’s going to prevent ANYONE from making mistakes. No matter how many books you read or stories you hear, you must always slip. You will, however, be exposed to different situations in life, where you can see things in various prespectives. I don’t deny that. But the truth is, people learn greatly and understand deeply only by trial and error. We all fantasize about how somehow, for us, things will go differently; that it’ll all lead us to the path which we’ve drawn for ourselves. Very few people actually stand tall against the “Charm of Doing/Experiencing for Oneself”.

  • Learn to love, love, love.

Well, yes we make mistakes, but people on the large scale crave success. A huge part of obtaining success is by developing oneself through overcoming those mistakes, and most importantly, by learning how to Love. Yes, I’ve always thought that all these talks are meaningless gibberish, but it’s true. Love and embrace yourself, then love the people around you. Love what you do, and where you are. Peace is never found without love and satisfaction. So spread these around.

  • I love YOU!

Since now I’m still in the process of loving myself, I’d like you to know that I’m done with the second step. I love you. I won’t judge you because I understand. Anything that you’ve done which you’re not very proud of now, I know you did for a reason; even if that reason is that you don’t want to think of reasons and just do whatever’s on your mind. Don’t you allow anyone to ever imply that you’re a bad person. I assure you that he/she has also done/will make mistakes. We all do. It’s the way things were a 1000 years ago, and the way things are going to be for generations to come. Be proud and AMAZE people with the person you’ve grown into. Smile at your reflection in the mirror. I trust your capabilities and I know that you’ve got what it takes to accomplish whatever you want in life — whether it’s to be a good mother or the next president.

  • Thank you.

I kind of had to spill this out as a step forward to everything I want to achieve this year. So to end this, I just want to say that if you want to adjust anything in your life, why wait? Do it now. Lift that weight off your shoulders. Let’s do this together. :)