Are Bell Peppers Getting Too Spicy?

Bell peppers have long been a part of rewardStyle culture, from the early days of Bell Peper, to the modern stock photo masterpieces. But are bell pepper memes on the decline?

The original dank meme.

Farmers in New Jersey are having to rethink the way they grow bell peppers thanks to new diseases and a slump in plant-based medicine studies. With less comedically-shaped bell peppers on the market, everyone’s favorite brightly-colored cultivar is being taken far more seriously, leading to a net decline in bell pepper-related memes.

Two horrified green bell peppers after the Great Meme Drought of October ‘16.

The decline in the trend is so widespread that even research scientists are taking an interest. According to this post on Hacker News there seems to be a correlation between bell pepper meme consumption and longevity. As bell pepper memes become more and more rare only the wealthiest, dankest few will have access to their natural regenerative effects, a future rewardStyle’s engineering department desperately hopes to avoid.

That’s why we’re proud to announce our new project to open-source our spiciest, dankest rainbow of bell pepper memes, starting today on GitHub.

Alternatively titled: Team Email Accounts Considered Harmful

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