Risky Whiskey or Science Under the Influence?
Kevin Folta

So, I’ve heard this false narrative many times now from “scientists”… how people are ignorant, not understanding that GMOs are “safe” and won’t harm them. What these scientists suspiciously leave out, is that GMOs have been shown to have spectacular potential to destroy ecosystems, water quality, native species, farming, and small farmers’ livelihoods. Studies have shown that use of GMOs have not reduced pesticide and herbicide use, and in some cases, have increased it. GMOs have not been shown to increase yields either, yet farmers have limited options to buy other seeds because there is a monopoly on who owns seed “brands”. And, it has been shown that some GMO mutations can escape into the wild and create super organisms/weeds that are resistant to herbicides and pesticides… creating a need for even more and more potent poisons… that may not work.

So, there are different reasons that “humans” may not want to purchase GMO altered products, besides perceived harm to their health. I buy organic produce and organic cotton clothes… is that because I worry about the health impacts of my clothes?? No. It is because I want to support sustainable, wholesome types of agriculture and deter potentially disastrous ones. Shouldn’t “humans” have the choice of what kind of practices they want to support?

I think the author got his first line wrong. I think this is really a story about how little “scientists” understand human intelligence.

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