A Poem for My Office -> on BEING THE GANGES

rural Bangladesh — 2012 // IG: @itsjoshmoses

Many small streams in remote communities contribute their current to the mighty Ganges.

Holy grail for some, life force for many providing irrigation and consistent precipitation to pathways leading to homes, towns, communities.

— hungry mouths dependant on consistent seasons.

Much the same, each of us represent different stories that contribute to the current of compassion that flows overseas.

We fail to remember that we might be the life force that tender’s continuity;

we fail to realise that our mutiny of convention, career-progression, Western greedy pressures and whatever selfish nature is in fashion adds to the spice that flavours deserving nations with hope.Whether you’re a document creator, an email responder, phone call maker, newsletter sorter, hot-chips hoarder, a child-rights enforcer, a promotional explorer, a work-place challenge absorber, or the database and IT brick and mortar your journey of LIFE brought you to this moment where you’ve been gifted with the responsibility of taking poverty to slaughter.

Gifted with the scope to act tangibly beyond borders.

Gifted with the honour of quelling ongoing horrors.

Gifted to uplifting an individuals measure.

Gifted to gift an effective future.

The Ganges gives without honour from it’s recipients en masse.

No where near enough pats on the back, offerings and praise. Yet it continues to bless through it’s maze of waterways.

So it makes sense to be like the Ganges and accept the streams that make their way through canyons and ravines carrying the combined hopes and dreams of a world made free.

Scenes of children wearing smiles that beam turn to adults whose trials — refined through fire — have built characters with dignities redeemed.

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