Somewhere In or Around the Rainbow

This was inspired by my morning commute to work on Wednesday 5th of APR here in New South Wales, AUS and the photo I took while driving of it. One of the most vivid / colourful rainbows I’ve ever seen!

En route to the base of the bow;

Not looking for a pot of gold but rather just enjoying the journey underneath the halo of colours shown.

It makes sense. Absolute sense, to chase the rainbow. It’s beauty is fleeting, it’s pleasing, it’s allure is as amazing as it is mysterious and the lack of arrival makes it all the more glorious.

People stopped to document the sighting on the side of the road and soak it all in. I chose the more risky path of wielding my time-capturing device awkwardly, trying to snap while driving. Both options — however dangerous — are great if you consider the simple acknowledgement….

One chose to stop what the world calls ‘progress’ and bathe in the beauty.

One chose to continue progress and build on the philosophy of continuity.

The acknowledgement of it’s presence was the same, we all recognised beauty when we saw it — though the riskier option could have seen my life ended……but as I drove further away from my family and closer to livelihood and opportunity, the distance didn’t hinder the amount of love I know that’s been given and shared.

Now I’m sharing two paths with you — inspired by the rainbow. Either take the time to stop and engage with the immensely fleeting and curiously simple things in life and really become enveloped in it. Or enjoy it on the run, no need for meditation because the trepidation that might cause one to slow down isn’t strong enough; rather acceleration towards your previously sorted goal amidst enjoying this mightily beautiful show.

Two paths diverged on a NSW road…..and both options — with nothing lost — could have been taken. Just depends which one spoke to you most.

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