Those Adages of Yesteryear

This idea about not getting back time has been racking my mind for more than a little while.

See, the simple fact is that even dwelling on whether it’s worthwhile or not to consider retrospective thoughts — whether you looked for progress up the mountain or specific stumbling blocks means you are spending precious moments NOT stacking rocks to make the climb from your present point productive.

That phrase — you only know where you’re going by looking at where you’ve been — can be a paralysing scene when you look back and begin to dwell on shortfalls; or even reminisce on previous successes and fail to see the opportunities right above you in the trusses. 
Your chin stuck pointing downwards while you wrap your knuckles wondering about the who’s and what’s of yesteryear.

Standup, tip your hat to the past and charge forward only taking calculated glimpses back. 
Concentrate on either acceleration or stopping, avoid the indecisive state of just coasting. Find momentum so the snowball of your journey stays rolling. Dawn to dusk to dawn doing more than thinking and hoping.

I guess the challenge is knowing when one actually arrives.

Is it at this point that you can bathe in the fact that you’ve survived? All those moments of doubt whether you had what it takes to thrive were squashed as you crossed that invisible and self-determined finish line.

Maybe that’s what it is, the self-awareness to recognise that this finish line is a product of your decisiveness. That this threshold is what you determined into existence.

That this position of increased wisdom now affords you with the definitive stage to say — you only know where you’re going by looking at where you’ve been. Maybe the egg really didn’t come before the chicken.

Of course you can’t get back time but we can credit instead of debit our futures by developing the skills to redefine your state of mind mid-stride to realise you are — and always will be — IN YOUR PRIME.

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