Under the Sea

How can I say it so you understand? It’s at the intersection of sea foam and grainy sand where we discover the plastic, the rubbish and rubber that’s been chucked into the deep blue forever by careless hands.

Under the sea; Under the sea. It’s no longer better, Ariels swimming through cloudy weather. Take it from me, up on the shore they throw everything away, out in the sun they feel justified for someone else to pay;

While we chokin’, full-time suckin’ in all things disgusting. How can you still not conceive that the seaweed is no longer green.

They love to surf the waves, devotin’ time to floatin’; unaware that now it’s survival scene.

For us on terra firma, we think we’ve got no troubles; life is bubbles. But if we could listen to the emotions of whales grumble we might tremble momentarily and question the legitimacy of bleaching their scenes.

Us land dwellers digest Planet Earth, Attenborough and Little Mermaid with no future thought that our actions and our purchases don’t result in brows furrowed because we’ve taken the beauty and forgotten the gravity that connects our actions to their ocean.

Under the sea, under the sea. Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter but only if we open our eyes and see……..and act.

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