Where the hell are all my friends?

A field in northern Tasmania, shot on film [shot by me]

So right now, so in the moment. I’m running through time fully choking on enjoyment. All the components of my life are stolen, no wait, everythings’ free now; for that I’ll happily pay my condolences; to the hard work and hoping of previous generations.

Moments over, back to self-seeking, consuming and foaming at the mouth of hedonism. Who has time for friends when you’re in a state of self-awarded mass wisdom? It takes far too long to realise you’ve built yourself inside of a prison. But that’s ok, my friends will rescue me from my own narrow vision.

My friends will rescue me. My friends will rescue me

Believe me, they were there in fragments on my journey. My friends will rescue me

Gettin’ out of town, my brain retreats aiming for shutdown. I know their around but they’re all too busy with their own nervous breakdowns. They’re all too busy making down payments on future letdowns. Not much different than myself, they’ll realise their demise is their crown.

So rewind time, so take back those moments. Do it differently; don’t stoke the fire of implosion. All the components of my life are far more precious than I know, and, the best free things indeed are the people around me; for that I’d pay millions.

So I can stroll through life with my friends.

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