How rewundo minimizes costs by using the Serverless Architecture

Dec 18, 2019 · 2 min read

Been an early-stage bootstrapping startup gives you immense flexibility in making decisions, trying different things, and failing fast. And with a limited budget, we need to allocate it carefully. Here’s where serverless architecture comes in.

With serverless architecture, we can innovate faster. A serverless infrastructure takes less computing power and human resources. That’s because we’ve outsourced the responsibilities of managing servers, databases, and some logic. This way, we can keep building our next feature or our next micro-service as we are not bound by constraints. It’s also easier to pivot in situations where we need to restructure.

With serverless architecture, we can also easily cut costs because we only pay per request. If we had a traditional server, we’d keep running at all times. With a serverless architecture, we’re only charged when the server’s used, which is not only great for us at this early stage but also to support all our growth to come.

In short, going “serverless” is a great way of spinning up an application fast and affordably. Serverless architecture allows us to roll with the punches, with little downside. When rewundo scales, it’ll be easy to stage changes that accommodate the growth.

Above all, serverless takes care of the infrastructure, so we can spend more time working on the product and experience that matters most to our users.

Here at Rewundo, we are transforming how support & developer teams collaborate. We are excited to announce that we’ve just launched! To learn more and register for our free trial, visit us at


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Rewundo is the unfair advantage of Customer Support. It bundles up all user interactions, allowing agents to solve complicated technical issues or escalate them

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