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That’s you kicking you…

The Greatest Foe

The greatest adversary you’ll face, in your life, is yourself.

  • You’ll never face a more daunting enemy.
  • You’ll never have a harsher critic.
  • You’ll never fight a fiercer battle.

But, when you prevail. When glory reaches you through the throws of relentless battle you’ll see a new you on the other side.

And I hear she’s still waiting on that hug…to this day

A you that you’ve known was there but were afraid to access. And when you do finally bring that you to the surface you’ll realize it was the real you all along. The you unafraid of being you. And that is a glorious moment.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Ball, Flat Hand, V, Fist, Hand Shake, Eye Gouge. Don’t worry, I have no idea where this going either

Because that’s when the world is at your beck and call. Your life is in under your control. Defeating the demon that is you and understanding that even though it’s an infinite struggle he or she will never win again. Because you already won.

Piece of mind is never about life being easy. It is about elevating yourself.

Become the best you. So, don’t feel down. Don’t be weary. Fight back and be strong. You’ll come out of it with a new strength and view on life. The only enemy you ever had to truly fear was you. But, you beat it. Now, you have nothing to fear and nothing to lose.

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