Who at Bancor has a past in the “soul destroying banking center”?
Galia Benartzi

Good Evening Galia, although your question was not directed at me, i believe i can partially answer it.

You asked, “who at Bancor has a past in the “”soul destroying baking industry”” “.

Whell, lets see:

1. Bernard Lietaer
A major US bank negotiated exclusive rights to his approach which required that he begin another career.[2] While at the Central Bank in Belgium (National Bank of Belgium) he implemented the convergence mechanism (ECU) to the single European currency system.
 He co-founded one of the largest and most successful currency management firms; GaiaCorp, and managed an offshore currency fund (Gaia Hedge II) which was the world’s top performing managed currency fund during the 1987–91 period he ran it.[3] Business Week named him “the world’s top currency trader” in 1992.[4]

Mr. Lietaer has not only a past in the banking industry, he´s even a historical figure in it, his knowledge having changed the ways that currency trading was done by his time, becoming the standard model used to reap entire nations of their life blood by the currency traders in this planet.
Studying his work, i can see that he´s not the traditional reptile that is the standard spawn of Wall Street, his works on the necessity of new forms of money and financial systems are the proof of a noble character.

2. Galia Benartzi
Of you, nothing to say, much on the contrary, the more i study about your person, the greater the respect your personal story conquers from me.
Like this: “It’s an idea that’s been tried before.

For example, my founding team previously built technology for local currency initiatives. One of our most successful projects became the largest alternative currency in Israel where it was used.”

Or this: ” For the past four years, Galia has immersed herself in the developing world of cryptocurrency, testing numerous models for local currencies in pilot projects around Israel and the U.S. Today, as a co-founder (responsible for business development) of her own startup, LocalCoin, and as an investor and thought leader in the space, she is helping people understand the magnitude of an unstoppable shift of power in the financial system with the onset of decentralized computing. Galia is currently publishing a position paper on the connective tissue of this new economy, which mirrors protocol and application layers of the internet’s early development. If adopted, this system will represent a societal shift from a pyramid-like structure to a web-like structure in our economic and organizational collaboration methodology and infrastructure. This systemic change can unlock “The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible.””
( https://www.schusterman.org/users/galia-benartzi)

Or this : “ Blockchain decentralizes control, which helps us shift society from a pyramid with limited room at the top, to a web, with more access to opportunity and more consensus on what is valuable,” Ben-Artzi said. “Economic freedom is the next great challenge of our time, and we’ll call it the value revolution.”
( http://www.jpost.com/Business-and-Innovation/Tech/At-TEDx-in-Tel-Aviv-talk-of-advancing-crypto-currencies-like-Bitcoin-479559

Judging by the quality of your work alone, quality in the ethical sense, it´s more than proved to me that Bancor is not a predatory entity designed by some of the most technically able minds coming out of Wall Street, something it really looked like, after reading the post “Bancor Unchained”.

The very word “Bank” has a negative impression in the minds and hearts of those who knows how the banking cartels works against the best interests of the human species, i must say that the name “Bancor” really caused an emotional reaction that was negative from the outset, and that i can only really understand now, after writing this answer, and knowing better about your work, and of your team.

About this : “Galia is currently publishing a position paper on the connective tissue of this new economy,”
I´m very interested to read what such a positive human being like you has to say on these matters. Is this paper ready?
I would really like to look, and translate it to the portuguese language, to my group in Telegram, where i share some translated pieces of very good information.

It was very nice talking to you my friend,
Rex Georges Segundo

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