Money Is Just Stored Energy
Leah Stella Stephens

What an incredible article my friend, i´m studying money in both it´s physical and metaphysical dimensions, and i crossed with your writing by the work of Destiny.
In some sense, i feel that there is some wisdom in thinking of money as just energy stored, it´s really much more than that, in my view and experience, because, energy in and itself can´t affect entire species like money can do with human beings, and since we are the dominant species in our planet, all the others suffers the consequences of our relationship with money.
In so far, i see, feel and think money as some kind of special creative energy, that can only be generated by humans, for humans, and that is stabilished by consensus. Studying the history of money forms, the only thing that never changes about money is that it its whatever the group accept it to be.
Right now it´s dollars, but for the more technologically savvy of us, it´s Bitcoin, or SteemPower, or other cryptocurrency of relative potential. Paper and digits. What will it be 1000 years from now?
Metaphysically speaking, i think that money is love in solid state, and this is why it is so powerful to change human reality, it can bring both the best and the worst of any human being, exactly like love can make one capable of dying for others, or killing others.
I´m also starting a blog in Steem to expose my Philosophy of Money, like you also, i also found the idea of directly paying people for their contributions just too revolutionary for me to stay just looking, i need to be part of that revolution too.
The new social paradigm of total decentralization is something that i predicted would rule human affairs in the 21th century, much like socialism and capitalism dominated in the 20th, in 2012, when i first met the concept of direct democracy, whithout the need of representants of any kind, every citzen is able to write it´s own laws, and to vote directly in their approval also. When i met the cryptocurrency technologies again this year, 2017, i couldn´t believe that Bitcoin technology, BLOCKCHAIN, is exactly what we needed in order to create the structure of government we deserve, in order to be really free. 
It´s so good to see this revolution happening so fast, like you, once we start to live inside decentralized structures, where we start to feel really worth of being alive, where there is true meaning in being a fully capable and free human being, there is no way of looking back and missing the old shackles and chains. You are dealdly right when you say that old centralized structures like facebook, twitter and linkedIN won´t rule, they will be dead in less than 10 years, counting from now.
The constant pressure of centralized corporate and governamental structures to control the human mind, and enslave the human soul, will unleash upon this beautiful planet the full creative potential of the human spirit, the next 40 years will see such a wave of new forms and doing, thinking, speaking and leaving that the very meaning of being human will need to be redifined, in a daily basis. I will look to ourselves in the afternoon, and won´t recognize what we where in the morning.
Among the greatest of those revolutions, will be the new forms of love, and new forms of money, based on abundance, rather then scarcity, a form of money that the more it´s shared, the more rich it makes the one that is sharing it, creating, for the first time, the possibility of true global community of prosperity, love and freedom, like has never been on the surface of this planet since the destruction of Atlantis, 13.000 years ago.
Where can i find you in steemit?
Here is am i, i didn´t start yet, mostly reading other people posts:

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