Advice From A 19 Year Old Girl & Software Developer
Lydia Hallie

Your words are very wise, and your personal life story is very inspiring, i have deep respect and admiration for your courage to set your own priorities and course of life. I´m also very interested in coding, mostly because i want to study artificial intelligence, reading how you started, and how you evolved, all by yourself, is really motivating. There´s so much things to learn!
Right now i´m studying the FOREX market, day-trading, and my interest in coding became even greater, in order to be able to program a machine to play the game of the markets for me. I´m 30 years old, thought that i was to old to cold, seeing all those child prodigies that started with only 6 months of life, even before being able to walk or talk hehahahaheaeuauehauheaheha!
But your personal journey in this universe greatly motivated me.
Thank you so much for helping me keep the fire burning!

With great love from Brazil,
Rex Georges Segundo.