How do you feel is you have money and you can’t spend it?
How does it feel if after you’ve stressfully acquired money, you can’t exchange it for anything.
Well, unfortunately, this has been the fate of many cryptographic enthusiasts who buy or get the ‘not-too-popular' cryptocurrencies. They don’t get to exchange it anywhere!

Conversion of cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency or to fiat is lagged with so many problems and one of the most underlying problems is that most conversion sites or platforms don’t offer to convert a large selection of cryptocurrencies. This discourages the acquisition of less popular coins and doesn’t help to offer healthy competition to popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum[Ether], Ripple, Litecoin, Dodgecoin, EOS, amongst others.

Moreover, some platforms don’t provide automatic up-to-date conversion rates. As a result, some of these conversions rates are higher than the normal in the general market because these platforms don’t want to be at the losing end.
Then, what’s the purpose of acquiring these digital assets if they can’t be converted and eventually spent? Is this a negligence aimed at the ‘not-too-popular' Cryptos? Won’t this slow down the mass adoption of the blockchain? Oh yes, it will.

OnePagerX identifies these problems and offer solutions to it.
OnePagerX is an online Crypto-To-Crypto converter. It offers the largest selection of Cryptos online and it is still expanding to offer a more larger conversion selection.
With OnePagerX beta being released, users can easily start converting! Amazingly, one doesn’t need to register on OnePagerX before converting..there is no singing up required!

How does one convert on OnePagerX?
1. Simply input what you are converting from and to
2. Enter the withdrawal address. OnePagerX will then provide an address where to deposit your assets!
An up-to-date estoutlines automatically provided for each transaction as the amount is entered and the deposit limits are clearly outlined.

OnePagerX also provides an easy integrating widget called OneBox. Anyone can easily convert with OneBox or have it on their site. To get OneBox on one’s website, all that is needed is to copy and paste the snippet code that is on the OneBox page!

Benefits of OnePagerX
1. No sign up needed.
2. Largest selection of currency
3. Simple interface
4. OneBox widget integration