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Rex Liu
Rex Liu
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It is very difficult to summarize NeoWorld and DragonLand in an article. Therefore, this article is mainly aimed at DragonEx users who want to enter NeoWorld, so that they can have a general understanding of NeoWorld.

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From the official website, we can see its introduction “NeoWorld is a multiplayer online virtual world that runs on blockchain. Here in the 3D virtual environment, players explore new frontiers, create skylines, pursue careers and build wealth, legends and legacies from scratch, just like in the real world.”

In a word, NeoWorld is a blockchain sandbox game where users engage themselves to make their attention value. And, with the updates of the game, NeoWorld will transform itself into virtual world (refer to the movie “Ready Player One”).

Maybe everyone thinks that the film is too far away from us, but actually it is not because technology will evolve rapidly , and when we start to find that the surroundings are different, the world has already changed.

Of course, some people may doubt that the “Ready Player One” can be indeed realized and become a trend in the future. However, NeoWorld is not the answer, which is just a blockchain game.

However, Rome was not built in a day, and everything is evolving from small to big and from weak to strong. Even the powerful Tencent Empire started from Tencent Instant Messenger(an online chat application).

Now, although NeoWorld is in its infancy, we have never been so close to the future. Virtual life, or second life, may be built by us.

Up to now, among many sandbox games, the most famous is Minecraft. So why do I choose NeoWorld?

I think most people who read this article will be users of the blockchain space or traditional gaming industry. Here we don’t talk about blockchain, whether it is a revolution or a scam. Let’s talk about the movie “Ready Player One”.

There is a world called “Oasis” in this film. Oasis is a virtual game world where each user is a participant and builder of the game. Players can gain wealth in the game, and the design and tools in the game can be created by players.

Oasis brings us not only the progress of film and imagination, but also a concept. Virtual world is created by our users. We can change our image in the game according to our own ideas. We can also realize its value in the game according to our own mind or attention.

So the most famous game in reality, Minecraft, seems to be in line with the concept of Oasis. Players build their own world little by little by using tools in Minecraft. However, as one of the greatest games in history, Minecraft is unfair to users and service providers.

People who develop Minecraft can only make profits by buying and selling game copyright, and even if users create a very shocking world in Minecraft, they end up just making videos or other ways to show their imagination. Even if they make money through live broadcasting, it is not making money through the game itself. Therefore, it fails to realize the business profitability as in Oasis.

We can see a myriad of astounding and spectacular worlds that are created by the users, but over time, those servers will degenerate into ghost cities one after another when the members ends up not communicating with one another.

Enthusiasm can bring us together, but interests can take us further.

The existence of NeoWorld has just resolved the business paradox in Minecraft, and the idea of decentralization of blockchain is consistent with the world view of oasis. Through the tokenized economy, players create scenes in the game, and then this scene will create tokens so that a virtuous circle will benefit whole ecosystem.

A good example is that players can upload their own models to change their avatar. Is it very similar to the scene in the Oasis? In addition, the avatar models created by players can be sold in the game, and all the money is owned by the users except a small part of the money used for taxes.

NeoWorld’s service providers, on the other hand, are funded by taxation in games. That is to say, the more healthy the game is, the more the transactions are. As a result, the service providers get more tokens. It’s not like traditional games that come from buying and selling unlimited items. With good tax feedback in the game, service providers can develop more scenarios.

If Minecraft is the forerunner of sandbox games, NeoWorld is the nearest pilgrim to the Oasis.


Opening Islands in NeoWorld is a strategic decision. As for the reasons, I think only Terence himself knows, but this does not prevent us from simply describing this innovative model.

Firstly, the island model is divided into three types: the giant island model, the archipelagic model and the independent island model. For example, EOSLand belongs to the archipelago mode. Each small island is responsible for an EOS node, and then all the small islands responsible for the nodes constitute the archipelago; NEOLand belongs to the giant island model and all of the territories are run by the cooperative party. Likewise, DragonLand belongs to the great island model.

Why are there Islands?

If a company hopes to survive and thrive in the market, I think capital and users are indispensable. The island is an independent scene created by the third project with NeoWorld. Although it is under the overall framework of NeoWorld, the operator of the whole island belongs to the cooperative party.

Each island has an independent token. For example, the currency of DragonLand is DT, EOS in EOSLand, and NEO in NEOLand.

It is easy to see that through the combination of different parties, all can bring users to each other. And each third party will provide the mining pool for the players to earn in the island. It is without question that inn the bull market, the value of each island is more than a million, then NeoWorld can not be too popular.

In the long run, NeoWorld can confront the challenges of the future market through island model. With the addition of high quality third parties, the company provides the mining pool while sharing the risk of NASH downturn so that players can make profits in many ways.

What’s more, the island model is more like an incubator. In the future, everyone can open an island and put their ideas on the island whether for commercial purposes or other. The Island can satisfy you all, and with the perfection of the scene, it is not impossible to create a unique world. Island is like Steam at this time that is also a game platform and an incubator, and this setting provides unlimited scalability for the future.

Oasis also has different planets and different scenes. Everything is created by players.


DragonLand is a brand new island in the NeoWorld world with DT as the main currency.

DragonLand is a huge island outside the main continents of NeoWorld. It is divided into 9 territories, each with independent resources and different landform. Initially, only 900 plots of land were open in 1st Territory. The opening pace of other territories in the future will be determined by the operation team.

Dragonland is an island where the DragonEx and the NeoWorld work together, and both sides recognize each other’s ideas. The mining pool in the 1st Territory of DragonLand is 6000 DT, and the land auction was held on July 31.

The Token Design of DragonLand

Basic Token: DT

The basic token on the island is DT.

On DragonLand, DT plays a role similar as currency which provides economic flowing between all islanders, including but not limited to the construction, land auction, the trading of materials, items, and the transfer of rewards between individuals, etc.

On DragonLand, every participant has the opportunity to realize the value they create.

The team of DragonLand expose its brand and gains DT holders through mining pool sponsorship.

Operators of DragonLand receives income through continuous technical and content output.

Players of DragonLand earn income from the mining pool through their own understanding and application of the rules of the game.

Functional token: DRO

In addition to the use of DT as a basic token, DragonLand will also issue a second token: DRO.

Unlike the role of DT currency, DRO is a functional token.


The maximum circulation of DRO is 10 million, and each territory of DragonLand has a throughput of 1 million. Among them, 95% of DRO will be produced by DRO Factories, and 5% of the DRO belongs to the operating pool, which will be used for warm-up activities before the island and rewards for various activities. Whenever a new territory opens, its corresponding output will be activated. After all 9 territories of DragonLand opens and the leaders of each territory are elected, the last 10% will be released to the pool of DRO Factories.


In general, DRO will be used to materials for various buildings on the island and to earn equity points.

Locking up: industrial area application and upgrade, special industry license application, land and building mortgage, etc.

Usage: equity points, high-end merchandise manufacturing, technology blueprints, high-end renovation of buildings, etc.

The Version 2.0 of Islands is bound to change substantially, and the application scenario of DRO will become more. So let us look forward to it.

If you need more information about the game, you can check the following links:

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