The Hanson Talk №26: Predictions on NeoWorld 2.0

Author: Hanson (TOP-寂寞火山)

Translator: 天元/白马少年

Editor: Rex Liu, NeoWorld Space Station,Lord of №4 Continent

It took me two days to study the design and numerical values of NeoWorld 2.0. Now the basic research is clear. The following conclusions are drawn and some predictions are made.

First of all, what important issues did NeoWorld 2.0 solve?

  • Close the unlimited access to the operation pool from the workers. It does not mean that one single account can earn indefinitely, but that infinite accounts can earn indefinitely because the profit is almost fixed before.
  • Correct the landscape between workers and landlords which chips away the landlord’s profits. Before, I invested tens of millions of Nash in business buildings, but only earned only a few hundred thousand Nash a day, and gave half of the income to subsidize workers, plus renovation costs. And now the landlord’s subsidy is equivalent to the form of electricity charges into the mainland’s finance, if the landlord has more RO in the mainland, and eventually it will get back a lot in the form of dividends.
  • Fix all building detachable designs which may cause severe consequences at any time.
  • Fix loopholes in common materials, high-tech and 10% renovation of business buildings that can continuously obtain profits without cost. Although only 10% of the output, but without any cost, the longer the duration, the more serious the problem of resource spillover, until the final collapse!
  • Anchor construction cost to USDT. Many of us have not yet realized the beauty of this design. Let us look forward to the future.

Then, what new problems will 2.0 cause?

Recently in the group I saw many discussions on various details of 2.0. In fact, the gist is that money is no longer easy to earn. This is inevitable because in the past almost all the water pipelines were blocked, and now the whole system produces 4.5 million NASH a day, and all the workers and landlords have to share. One person can earn 10,000 NASH! Under such a premise, how can the system be designed to satisfy most people? This is an impossible task!

So NeoWorld 2.0 simply adopted the market-oriented design in the business building area, and the so-called market-oriented design is the game and the survival of the fittest, and according to common sense, the game will generally conform to the 2/8 principles. So, if you want to participate in this game, you have to give yourself a reason to win first, otherwise, you might as well wait for 4.5 million Nash to flow from business to other systems, and then you will make the money you are good at. For example, you are not good at game, but excel at hoarding, you can hoard NEST, because as long as there are transactions, transactions will be taxed, half of the tax will be bought by the official NEST, then every day 4.5 million Nash will be part of the conversion into NEST, you will hoard it, hoarding for a year, probably earning a profit.

Less Nash is released, but the price of the Nash has not risen, so there must be less incentive and the market will definitely be cold, which can be regarded as an economic crisis. But why did the team do this? Because did, even if encounter crisis, NeoWorld will not necessarily die, If didn’t, NeoWorld will die, It’s only a matter of time. Therefore, the lesser of two evils.

Finally, let’s predict the trend of NeoWorld 2.0 in the next few months.

  • Gradually reduce the threshold of workers to enter. For example, I think this kind of design which is similar to the novice village restrictions and the opening to buy Pass Permit can be gradually eliminated. At the same time, the starting cost of workers can also be reduced.
  • Bind more benefits to the business building, which is the individual contribution value. According to the current design, those who are willing to build business building are generally super loyal believers, who are willing to bind interests with NeoWorld for several years. Therefore, it is reasonable to get more benefits, so I predict that the upcoming RO revision will be linked to the contribution value. In the future, there should be more functions to enhance the contribution value.
  • More workers will migrate to the islands. Recently, I have been working in the buildings which is my own buildings in the island, Under the premise of possessing island-specific skills, an account can get about 7000 or 8000 NASH a day. This income is almost the same as before the revision, but there are not many people who seem to know, and many of them have been attacked by the 2.0 version and have no desire to explore, but I believe that most workers will find the welfare of the island sooner or later. And the workers all go to the island, which is what the team is willing to see. On the one hand, the island partners will feel it is worthwhile to open the island with the money; on the other hand, the workers get the island currency, and there is no selling pressure on NASH.
  • Therefore, I have reason to believe that the research and development priority of island H5 version should be higher now, and the strength of island opening should be strengthened in the future.
  • NASH’s release channels will be diverse. Such as the ecology inside and outside the game, UGC and operational activities, etc., but the release will be more refined, not as rough as before.
  • In the short term, the price of Nash should still fall. Because there must be a lot of alternate account, people who have been reformed to touch the interests, people who have no hope for the 2.0 version, and people who want to do the swing trading whose got lots of token and undersold. In the long run, the price of Nash can only rise, because it does not rise or die. But whether the NeoWorld game can survive this difficult time, when the price of the Nash rises and how much can be raised, no one can make a guarantee, please judge by yourself.

The conclusion is that the era of Nash’s extensive release is over, and the future focus is on how to activate the already circulating 20 billion and enhance the value of those tokens to accommodate more people and wealth into NeoWorld’s system. But how? Leave it to everyone to think.

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